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  • Hi @finch, I just picked it up from eBay, but it’s a Deltron brand plug and socket - they have a locking mechanism - I haven’t tried a normal din plug in the socket - but it should work. Ta Pete

  • Quote from modology: “the link to Hammond Enclosure is broken. How much did you buy the enclosure for? ” Glad you like it! I paid about 35 GBP for it, I forgot to include exactly which model of the 1455 series enclosure it was - it's the 1455T2201 Link is working for me? It's just a link to the manufacturers site. I think I just picked one up from ebay at the time.

  • Quote from bytestorm: “is the amp really needed on the rgb lines? I just put 3x 75 Ohms in the RGB lines and picture is really good on my euro scart tv. What are the pros of using the amp? ” TBH, I don't know, I haven't fully investigated it. I guess the amp buffers the Sync signal to so that they are properly in spec?

  • Quote from citrus3000psi: “In regards to the HDMI I've ordered the dev board and have designed some breakout boards to test with. Not sure how good it will be. If its something that produces good results, I'll design a whole custom board to fit nicely. I have a MV1C, so it'd be designed around that. ” That sounds promising. I also found a thread over at which linked to this untested board

  • This was finished, until I heard about DFO recently (and then after I heard about that, I found a pure digital HDMI mod that I'd love to try one day - maybe I'll buy another board to experiment on). But for now, here's my pride and joy, housed in a Hammond enclosure that's been used lots of times before by many people (including a red one I did last year but I made a few mistakes on). EDIT - model 1455T2201, I mount the end plates straight onto the the main enclosure - without the plastic bezels…

  • Quote from nam9: “Quote from mmmonkey: “I see it's possible to use a Raspberry Pi as a programmer so will try that first. ” Interesting! Link? I have a Hex file I built a while back.. It may work, but I didn't test it as the DFO i sourced came pre-programmed...…a8d5f97ff89c52424aaaee491 ” It's mentioned somewhere in the original NFGames thread I think, and the info is on GitHub - Cheers for the file, I'll hopefully get to try it in the nex…

  • I'm going to give it a go and try and make one of these - I see it's possible to use a Raspberry Pi as a programmer so will try that first. Whilst waiting for the parts to arrive, I'll have to dig out my Pi and also try and make the hex as I've not seen the MVS hex file to download anywhere. Fingers crossed! Pete

  • Hi everyone

    mmmonkey - - Introduce Yourself!


    Hi everyone. I lurked on this forum quite a while back and thought I had registered then, but turns out I never did. I keep revisiting retro gaming when the urge takes me. A year or so ago I built myself a supergun and a 1 slot MVS, just recently I purchased a JVC monitor for some CRT fun. The only problem is, real life gets in the way of gaming and projects! Cheers Pete