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  • Quote from xtrasmiley: “Me too, but I can't find a way to display this on anything yet... Don't have any medium rez monitor and no idea what else to display it on! ” Buy one of those cheap Gonbes GBS8200 converters then play on any 31kHz monitor.

  • So sorry for the very late update. Ok so made a decision, I'm still struggling to get all MS games to work on the multi and given my lack of free time at the moment I'm going to change the design to include an "expansion" connector for future MS support. I'm simply going back to the OG idea: supporting all System E games. But without closing the door to some other nice features.

  • Either you have a ground issue for the inputs, or might be the 315-5296 IO chip is faulty. Do you have a logic probe? Maybe check that on the JAMMA edge inputs go from high to low when you press buttons.

  • Quote from rsignal: “I want to prepare my system 16 adapter for the multi, could you confirm that button 4 in some games corresponds to pins 11 and M ? ” Quote from Frank_fjs: “Passing Shot uses those pins for button 4 for P1 and P2 respectively. I think Bullet uses those pins too. ” I wrote something about it somewhere. I discovered that while testing Bullet.

  • Yes there have been few CD games converted to ROMs, Crossed Swords 2 comes to mind.

  • Quote from Sp33dFr34k: “Okay then I'm not sure where the alarm sound is coming from ” Most of the times it comes from the sample part.

  • Quote from scopion73: “Hello, I am new in the forum, just bought a DarkSoft MVS Multi Cartridge to replace a NEOSD that is giving me a lot of crashes with bigger games on my MV-1FZ MVS console (i tried on 2 consolizations). The cart will arrive tomorrow but i wished to ask DarkSoft if he is planning to support Neo Geo CD images for his card, cause of the good audio of CD and if his card emulates a memory card or if i need to add NeoBiosMasta VMC. Thanks for the answers, in each case i really hop…

  • Quote from Hammy: “I think so, it's not a pseudo security chip like the jaleco etc where other information is inside. Another thing... <for a repair> Maybe it's possible to re map the controls to NON DEAD pins on the I/o connector? (and again shift the code to the new bits) Or another one, re-use the dipswitch lines and patch the code ” Hacking code is a possibility but you'd have to do the job every time you want to change the game and also it would be tailored for the working inputs you have l…

  • Quote from KaPH33n: “he probably didn't see that the board had issues? price is so subjective... especially when it comes to repairs. The more confident you are in your abilities the more risk you are willing to take on. I've seen very confident techs buy broken boards for near working price many times... ” That's not true. The more experienced you are with repairs the least you value a faulty board. Cause you know it's not "just a cap" and it couldn't be "an easy fix for someone who knows what …

  • Oh now I remember that Gaiapolis in need of a reflow on some custom chips.

  • There are few possible Konami conversions for instance: - those old Konami classic games (Track and Field, etc.) - that mahjong game to TMNT2 - all games on Twin 16 hardware (it doesn't even need patching!) - Konami Hornet seems to be possible too with some code hackery - Oh and Devastators to... I don't remember. And in one way you need to install missing chips.

  • Quote from Hammy: “Indeed but it's easy to work something out.Depending on how far you go from the original design a small code patch can have it running with any input hardware. ” Isn't it just reading some specific ports/addresses? Then you just need to spy on the adress bus, maybe you also need few vital signals (R/W, UDS, LDS).

  • Maybe you can do some external hack with 74LS245s or a GAL to spit out the inputs on the data bus. I did that to fix a Master System with a faulty custom chip. It's on my blog.

  • Quote from stj: “as for the DAN packs, forget them - just use 8 1N4148 diodes - for people in the u.s. the equiv number would be the 1N914 ” Correct, that's what we've used for the Sega I/O boards repros since those diode arrays are impossible to find nowadays. P.S.: System C is even more sensitive since it's lacking the diodes.

  • Quote from 90sCyberThriller: “As I was browsing the threat I was like wowo that board looks familiar! It was me who bought that years ago. What a crazy mess! There were chips stacked 3 high. still neat to think that some operator probably converted that board himself back in the 90s to make some more money on his board ” Only to discover sound was crypted

  • Quote from XianXi: “Also if I switch from INT/EXT sync, on Internal I can see the RGB signals are working then if I switch back to External sync it’s just black. ” You mean you could vaguely make out the game from the floating image? Then definitely a sync issue.

  • Quote from XianXi: “Quote from Apocalypse: “Missing sync? ” That’s what I was thinking but it’s pulsing with the logic probe unless it’s just an output pulsing with no actual sync data. ” What about RGB signals coming from the 315-5242 module?

  • Missing sync?

  • Quote from brentradio: “How cool would it be to have a multi-kit for the Sega 18 boards... ” It's almost ready

  • Quote from xodaraP: “There are additional chips piggybacked on top as well but I'm assuming those are the same type of logic with additional IO channels. I have a Gunforce handy, if you're happy to document the process I can ship it to you or take some detailed photos ” Yeah ! But I have few projects I'd like to complete first.