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  • Are you using the latest firmware and menu?

  • OSSC Pro, with ROTATION!

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    Yep, I read in the thread that the current OSSC Pro hardware won’t support 4K output initially. Too bad - that’s my Number One Most Wanted feature on a new upscaler. Alas-hopefully in the near future.

  • Quote from jepjepjep: “They sell silver blank eprom stickers on buyicnow: ” They all have printed on them in small print. It looks a little tacky IMHO.

  • FWIW, I use these foil labels from Amazon. They're EPROM sized and although they don't look anything like original factory stickers, they function great in terms of reflecting light.…75d8d7d4254b7ee6f7b3b6b09

  • Quote from Escarioth: “ Lexan will end up costing more because of extra machine cutting (but looks better) and material. i'll try to see with people here what could be nice. ” Looking good on the examples. My preference between the two is the one with that completes the "shell" - tmntlex.png My vote is also for the Lexan despite the extra cost.

  • The Multi cart needs more power than a regular cart. Make sure you’re reading at least 5.0V, and if it still doesn’t work then, try nudging the power supply up to 5.05V or 5.1V

  • What’s the voltage reading showing on the MV1B?

  • I should officially state that I'm interested in both a TMNT and Battletoads case.

  • Since your cases are built-to-order, low volume, customized items, I doubt that you'd have any issues from Capcom, Konami, TMNT Inc, etc. It would be a bigger problem if you were mass-manufacturing them and selling them formally through an online storefront. I'm not a lawyer though.

  • Home Arcade System

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    Yes, the plans aren’t up on Thingverse, and he’s only doing sales through Twitter at the moment.

  • Home Arcade System

    ShootTheCore - - RGB's lab


    +1 for QCRetro's PSU covers - they're fantastic.…75d8d7d4254b7ee6f7b3b6b09

  • +1 for Splash Lake (CD) and Moto Roader MC (card). I've spent many, many enjoyable hours playing both of those games with friends. MC also has a hidden extra mode where you're trying to push everyone out of an arena - great fun five players.

  • Nope, your memory is correct. High encounter rate, slow gameplay, and pretty much a generic JRPG all around except for the anime cutscenes and voice acting which were cool novelties at the time of release. No reason to play it today really, unless you have a strong tolerance for repetition and grinding. Even back in the day, I enjoyed Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes more as the only other English-translated TurboGrafx-CD JRPG despite it having worse in-game graphics. Like several other Falco…

  • Check your supply voltage as well - ideally you want between 5.0 and 5.1 volts.

  • Quote from opt2not: “Cotton Boomerang It's more of a remake of Cotton 2. ” Cotton Boomerang is a Saturn & ST-V game. However a port of the original Cotton is on PCE CD and it’s pretty good. Quote from jassin000: “@ShootTheCore Disc based games please, I've got all the Hucard images on my SD card already. ” I updated my post to indicate which games were card and which games were CD.

  • Download 1 and 2 are both shmups-and highly recommended. More great shmups that I recommend that haven’t been mentioned yet: Sylphia (Disc) Nexzyr (Disc) Air Zonk (Card) Star Parodier (Disc) Rayzanber III (Disc) Metal Stoker (Disc) Sidearms Special (Disc) Terraforming (Disc) Monster Lair (Disc) And some great non-shmup titles: Son Son 2 (action-platformer) - Card Somer Assault (Slinky Simulator) - Card Time Cruise (Pinball) - Cars Legendary Axe (hack n slash) -Card Parasol Stars (Bubble Bobble s…

  • I've checked up on datasheets for rechargable lithium coin-cell batteries before, but haven't found anything that specifies a special charging circuit is required. It seems that the coin cells are designed to be flexible and charge off any supplied power, whether that charging power is stable or variable (although they charge better on a stable supply of course). They're used in solar-powered chargers, hand-cranked flashlights, etc.…chargeable_coin_cells.pdf They c…

  • Quote from draft9chem: “I can't finds anything online that can tell me what I'm doing wrong or for that matter a video online that guides you through the set up process for the cart. ” I can help you with the setup process. First of all, the card has to be formatted as FAT32 - exFAT isn't supported AFAIK. Download and use GUIFormat from here to format the card: When you format the card, make sure you use the largest cluster size (64k). Once the card is form…

  • You could still install the coin cell holder, keep the recharging circuit, and use a rechargeable CR2032 instead.

  • Happy 2020!!

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    Happy 2020! Looking forward to many enjoyable hours of robot baseball and neon night-riding.…75d8d7d4254b7ee6f7b3b6b09…75d8d7d4254b7ee6f7b3b6b09