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  • OSSC Pro, with ROTATION!

    jassin000 - - Forum News


    Quote from xtrasmiley: “note that the OSSCP still won't support 4k, so don't hold off waiting for that! ” Won't support a full 4k no, but seeing as how the current OSSC supports sub 4k resolution (1600x1200) I am hopeful for another slight rez bump (getting closer to true 4k) with the pro.

  • OSSC Pro, with ROTATION!

    jassin000 - - Forum News


    Quote from xtrasmiley: “if you skip the OSSC Pro, the original will continue to be sold and they just did a price drop on it, so you can snag a couple now even cheaper! ” I can skip one Pro, as my VLX can't even display 4k. But my B6 NEEDs that 4k support! Quote from xtrasmiley: “Ultimately though, how bad is 16ms? How many frames is that? I think for many people, it will be low enough not to affect gameplay. ” 2 frames approx. Bad enough that I sold my Framemeister after purchasing a OSSC. Quot…

  • OSSC Pro, with ROTATION!

    jassin000 - - Forum News


    Quote from invzim: “RGB 4k @ 60 Hz needs 594 MHz, and not sure the hw can do it. ” They are likely blanket labeling the output mode as 4k, but in reality I'll bet its a sub 4k resolution like 1600x1200. I don't really care about the rotation, I grabbed a LCD mount that has a rotate mech in it... Sure its a pain in the ass to switch it around but I can. As pointed out this rotation is going to add Framemeister levels (at least 16ms) of lag and I just don't feel that's a good trade off. I will say…

  • Quote from nassekova: “Green line flashes fast and thats it ” Yea sounds like the PCB itself is screwed.

  • Oh guys you can't regenerate the sync, or even buffer it! The OSSC don't like it if you do and won't lock it. Nope the only way I've ever gotten it to work is setting sync to raw, and 75ohm then using a 8-pin mini din to SCART cable. That will lock the OSSC, but then to dial in the image I must set to 300 and to 16~18 depending. If you are passing into a iScan DVDO you must set the OSSC video output to 3x and use the DVDO's 60.0Hz unlock feature.

  • I don't know about bootleg, but using a real Midway Y-Unit MK1 PCB it can be tricky because of the LCD/monitor accepting the very low sync rate. Typically we use a iScan DVDO for its unlock 60.0Hz function, which corrects the issue but adds another... Lag (its about equal to Framemeister @ 16ms). Make sure you are using the latest (0.85) OSSC firmware, and be sure its the OSSC that's the problem and not the display (ie take a picture of your OSSC's LCD screen). If you see this (or a slight varia…

  • This is fantastic news! As monitor tech improves having the ability to keep upgrading is beyond valuable.

  • Quote from nonosto: “one question any news about Sega's System 16 cpu security modules? ” The version 2 S16 multi is targeting the security CPUs... No further information at this time (lets get the V1 multi out first mmkay).

  • UW0r699.png I don't care what you do for work! If you make a living in VT, no way you've got 1.5 Million. dW1sngc.png

  • Quote from the Goat: “Yeah, I'm in the "big city" of Burlington VT. ” Best place I've ever lived, I often dream about going back. Know why I don't? Rent is expensive, jobs (even pretty good ones) in the state don't pay shit. I was sick of being poor, feeling like I had to beg rich assholes that came-up just to buy summer homes for a handout. They displaced me, and all my friends, jacked up the price of home ownership to ridiculous levels in terms of cost of living for native Vermonters. I hope t…

  • Quote from tiff_lee: “In my experience CPS2 cases are brittle enough already and wouldn't use any bleaching products on them. ” True but I'd also never recommend someone paint plastic, it always scratches off/looks like shit over time.

  • You could try this... Mix it up, go heavy/thick application and then leave it in the sun (UV light best for bleaching action) for a few hours (reapply as needed).

  • Quote from the Goat: “Except the millions of monochrome CRT in the world. ” Sure, but as I said "consumer grade CRT TVs" I wasn't really talking about monochrome now was I? Are you suggesting black & white TVs are still common in households (millions)? It's been my experience even composite only (trash) color CRT TVs are becoming rare now. BTW you located in Burlington? Just curious as I grew up in VT, lived all over the state.

  • No, but the only thing preventing an arcade monitor from displaying a composite image is the missing NTSC decoding hardware. If you supplied this externally it would of course work, as this is how all consumer grade CRT TVs function internally... At some point they must convert everything they are given into RGB, this is necessary to drive the electron guns inside the tube itself. Also why some of these "hack a tv to display RGB" guides are getting so popular now, if you can find a easy way to t…

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “the real deal right here: ” oooh that is some hot prob'n action! Brings new meaning to the phrase "just the tip" heh

  • They are super handy for sure, I wish someone made a set of multimeter leads that ended in alligator clips (maybe they do I've just never seen 'em). Haha look at that, they do! F00E9002393CM.jpg I need to order a set!

  • Quote from PascalP: “But seriously bro, you like that asciiPad monstrosity and are bitching about these controllers not faithful to the original design, I can't even take that comment seriously ” That Ascii pad is the greatest 3rd party controller ever made, you can say its a low bar to pass and you'd be right but that don't change the fact. You know the one aspect I feel all these "mini" consoles have nailed? Original controller reproduction! The emulation ranges widely, with some taking obviou…

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “can't it be its own controller in its own right, that just happens to be compatible with Genesis protocols? ” Can and in fact IS, but I only use what was the original controller when playing the original console. If you want wireless, then sure exceptions must be made as Genesis never had official wireless controllers. Why must I compromise size/shape/feel just for wireless? Is that a good trade off? Not to me, I'd rather use a real pad with a extension cable. Even growing…

  • Call it a personal hangup, but I can't use a "Genesis" controller if it hasn't got that Genesis controller shape/design. 8bitdo could be the best controller on the entire planet and I'd never know, because I'll never use one. I like that Retrobit is nailing the shape, but extra buttons/shoulder buttons? On Genesis? NO NO NO! Krikzz while clearly having other issues is the only one who seems to understand this/my PoV. Get it right, or don't bother... It just that simple.

  • Quote from nem: “You probably don't have any friends jassin since you're such a grumpy guy ” Had a few, I was less grumpy back then. I had the Turbo tap and three controllers, but the only multi player games I owned were Bomberman 93 and some Battle Royal Wrestling game I'm blanking on the name right now. Remember I'm only looking for disc based game suggestions however (wasn't moto a hucard). My bad, I see it on the Redump list... Motoroader MC converted/added