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  • Quote from hardyhell: “Quote from Sp33dFr34k: “I also don't like this statement: "Hope you understand that we sent you your os jags and you didn’t come to post." ” i have no clue what they mean with that statement ” Basically he blames you for not picking it up at the post office

  • So looks like my package is still held in Ukraine customs... Anyone else had some succes in the mean time?

  • OSSC Pro, with ROTATION!

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    Damn! so does this mean we get solid 60hz output so it will work with every display? 2. Adaptive line multiplier * visible lines are multiplied but horizontal & vertical total matched to standard timings

  • Quote from yuro: “Gentlemen (and ladies if you're here), I don't own any ODE's besides the CPS3 Multi SCSI2SD. Please educate me. When using swiss and the GCloader, is it just one game disc per sd card? I'm assuming I can't load up a ton of backups on the SD card and stick it into the GC Loader and treat it like an everdrive. I did order the SD2SP2 in hopes of doing what I want. Thanks all. ” GCLoader does exactly that basically, 1 SD card and that’s it. Difference with the SD2SP2 is that you ca…

  • NNC Toshiba vs Sanwa

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    Again, if it looks fine like it is, don’t bother. I think you are looking for problems that are not there I really don’t care if the value is 100, 150 or 180 as long as the picture is good. but if you really want to install that Sanwa, go ahead and sell me your Tosh

  • NNC Toshiba vs Sanwa

    PascalP - - Monitor Help


    Quote from nem: “Quote from nonosto: “but my contrast 15khz is 170/200 and brigntness 90/115. ” I don't see how those are an issue. If you want lower values, turn up the voltage on the flyback. ” This^^ If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

  • Not picked up within 7 days at the post office and they return it automatically. EDIT, @Sp33dFr34k beat me to it + only the sender is able to open an investigation through the sending postal service, not the receiving side.

  • My package says it is at the customs office in Ukraine now, so hopefully they can resend before the weekend. If not I will file a claim, this is just bad customer service, I think we have been very patient and reasonable up to this point...

  • so I opened up the case of the Krikzz receiver, and the PCB really only fits in one way, no way to move it back further to make the DB9 port sit flush with the case. After assembly however the DB9 connector feels tight in the case, no play like before, so that is a plus. Only thing still though is that it does not have a nice fit in the console, and still feels pretty 'loose' in the controller port. When I hold the 8BitDo and Krikzz receivers next to each other, it is visible with the naked eye …

  • NNC Toshiba vs Sanwa

    PascalP - - Monitor Help


    Really depends on how good and vibrant your Tosh still is. In similar condition the Tosh will be better (my preference).

  • Following this thread...

  • Interesting, I will see if the case can be opened

  • Wow, nice! Also good to hear SSF2X Tournament is still in the works

  • Quote from hardyhell: “Quote from djsheep: “It’s a horrible situation. Are other people on his forums experiencing the same issues? ” told me that they will try to contact the ukraine post. was one week ago. no answer.i think i will try to demand my Money back somehow. not sure how i payd though. can not find it in PayPal. ” That is because they don’t accept Paypal and I paid direct with my credit card, guessing you did as well then?

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “They have a 2.4G and BT M30. What they should have done is retained the 2.4G as per Sega spec, and the BT one can have the extra buttons as they're handy when using with Nintendo Switch etc. That said, the extra buttons really don't get in the way. ” As the 8bitdo dongle has no sync button, do you know how to deal with them if you use 2 controllers at the same time? Or are the controllers paired with a 'fixed' dongle?

  • Quote from Sp33dFr34k: “For now 3 people in this thread, and @Yippikaye almost but fortunately he got lucky and was still in time to retrieve his package. ” And @djsheep himself as well

  • Quote from jassin000: “Quote from PascalP: “But seriously bro, you like that asciiPad monstrosity and are bitching about these controllers not faithful to the original design, I can't even take that comment seriously ” That Ascii pad is the greatest 3rd party controller ever made, you can say its a low bar to pass and you'd be right but that don't change the fact. You know the one aspect I feel all these "mini" consoles have nailed? Original controller reproduction! The emulation ranges widely, …

  • So update from my side; I doubt Krikzz even bothered contacting the postal service even after me asking him a few times(as he is the sender, he is the customer from the postal service and not me, so only he can file a complaint), the only answers to my mails are 'I will resend it when I get the package.' But the package tracking is showing movement again and it is on the way back to Ukraine.

  • Quote from jassin000: “Quote from Frank_fjs: “can't it be its own controller in its own right, that just happens to be compatible with Genesis protocols? ” Can and in fact IS, but I only use what was the original controller when playing the original console.If you want wireless, then sure exceptions must be made as Genesis never had official wireless controllers. Why must I compromise size/shape/feel just for wireless? Is that a good trade off? Not to me, I'd rather use a real pad with a extensi…