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  • Quote from ebzero89: “I also like installing the SMD components with hot air, makes it easier to place them down imo. The only thing I have trouble with is the LED on this. I cannot for the life of me actually get one to work lol. 3 miniguns built and yet a lightless LED continues to taunt me. Is there some secret I'm missing to installing those? ” Only if you're not installing it in the correct orientation

  • Likewise. But hot air is good to run over the board to straighten components and level solder out in some cases.

  • EEPROMs (Electronically Erasable Programmable ROMs) still absolutely exist and are manufactured today. EPROMs (ceramic chips with the UV erase window) have long since been replaced by those. There's no reason to continue making UV erase EPROMs anymore because EEPROMs are cheaper to make, smaller and fit on modern boards where space is at a premium. It's possible to make adapter boards, so I assume that will be the future.

  • The seller I buy from delivers everything in tubes at least. The last batch several weren't blank and it took a lot of attempts at erasing to get them to erase, and 1 was bad. It's only going to get more difficult unfortunately. They're not making new EPROMs so the quality of recycled chips will go down

  • Quote from Wraith: ““standard” refers to the old method of replacing the SH-2 chip inside the cartridge with a normal, “standard” chip. “Custom” refers to using Capcom’s stock custom SH-2 chip and not replacing it. Whoever sold you the superbios cartridge may be mistaking, try the custom version and report back. edit: also, your picture shows firmware version 4.8. ” He said the cart works with the standard CD, it is probably a repro cart and those use the standard SH-2 @mthngn Use a different SD…

  • Ok I'll meter out the resistor array to make sure it's doing what it should be and meter out the lines to the edge connector and see what happens.

  • I'll beep out the socket pins to the edge connector and see if any are missing. What do the resistor arrays do? Could it be an issue there?

  • NVRAM has been cleared, both with the switch and within the test menu I've tried 2 different motherboards and both give exactly the same fault It's throwing an error message sometimes in the top left with address and data lines listed, so it's definitely something code related. The game should still boot even if the CHAR board is an issue (I tested that using a PROG board from Oriental Legend and the CHAR board) Could it be an issue with the TILE ROMs since they're on the PROG board?

  • Indeed, a Saturn controller with the same quality as an M30 would be very nice

  • Neo has very low power requirements, and the multi cart is flash memory which also has typically very low power requirements. So I'd say lower is good.

  • To add to that, it sometimes gives me an error message in the top left. P1 has verified good U5 initially did not verify good, so I erased and reprogrammed the GAL, same issue. Replaced the GAL, same issue.

  • I finally got around to building my first one of these today, made an Espgaluda cart but it gets stuck at the legal screen. Not sure where to go from here, I assume it's an issue with the P1 ROM? But it's got to that screen so I'm not sure why it died there.

  • Quote from meybarra: “In this particular case I’m using an MV1FS mobo, Windy Gaming ATP-300 supergun ” Can I suggest trying a different Supergun? The Windy is known to have some quirks, it might not be an issue but it's worth confirming?

  • Quote from suverman: “Quote from drfunk2k: “AVmulti is SONY's dedicated interface, which is the same video interface as SONY PS.For SONY's display equipment. AVmulti contains RGBS signals, one of the interfaces of RGB. ” Sorry if I am wrong, but the 9pin plugs into the control box (output), you are saying there are Sony display equipments (say PVMs) that accepts the AVmulti plug as input? ” No, but there are absolutely portable PSX monitors that take the AV multi input, which would make this Sup…

  • Quote from djsheep: “Nice boat @euphoria, did you mod it for RGB? What’s in the bag ” Cave cardboard boxes

  • OSSC Pro, with ROTATION!

    xodaraP - - Forum News


    Do want!

  • Yeah I can easily do it as long as I have whatever type you need Plenty of 27C512 and 010

  • Can you take better photos of the QSB? That looks to me to be the issue. I haven't installed one of these so what look like several problems to me are probably not actually incorrect. Paging @Arthrimus

  • Quote from Bahn Yuki: “Ok, what would you like me to take photos of? ” Key writing wires are the most likely issue, or a bridge in that area between one of the pads and a nearby component. You removed the battery as well?

  • Quote from djsheep: “Quote from Jumpingmanjim: “I want to change my tmnt 4 player board to a 2 player board (So I can choose Donatello. What speed do I need for the EPROMs (measured in ns)? ” I believe it’s 4 x 27c010 EPROMS. Not sure that chip speed has a bearing. I believe I used AMD chips. @xodaraP ? ” I think they need to be at least 120ns or better, but it might be silkscreened on the board. Let me check my scrap board. Edit: mask ROMs for main program. WHY Konami? 120ns or better for the 1…