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  • Quote from brentradio: “Yes, Ribbit is the game I speak of... ” Definitely a good game. IF YOU LIKE GETTING EATEN BY GIANT SPIDERS

  • Regardless of the outcome, I salute your effort!

  • I have that romset/abomination too, actually. It's not in mame. In that case you'll need two 27c4001 or equivalent, and you will need to swap the 513 and 514 chips to whichever you want... western or japan version.

  • The mame driver will show you what files are the same between games, just look at the crc values. Bloodshed is enabled in either test menu under "Memory Switch Setup". Pretty sure all you need is one rom swap, socketed ofp1j3.513 <-> ofp1f3.513 to change between games…rivers/kaneko16.cpp#L2919

  • Quote from Fluffy: “(Unless someone wants to license an ARM soft-core...) ” I have no idea what any of these do, but I do recall ARM made these cores free a little more than a year ago. Not powerful enough?…ocessors-for-xilinx-fpgas

  • A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    ekorz - - Taito Type X


    Quote from trinity4444: “It's not the 480p. It's set at 480p. It's only at persona 4. All other games work fine. I can't find any settings in the ini. ” I’ve seen games resolution depend on the io, which is declared in the ini usually as “dual”. You could instead try forcing the ini to gametype=jvs. Not sure but it’s worth a shot.

  • Multi sound cutting out or hanging

    ekorz - - Capcom's CPS2


    @syntax_X i'm curious, why do you think that replacing the bus chips on your multi will solve your problem? did you have the exact same issue as whoever BEN FONG is? personally I wouldn't touch the multi beyond the required soldering. removing/replacing bus chips is probably going to put you in a tough spot if you wanted to get it replaced. This thread has been stale for 2 months, just bump @Darksoft, and see if he thinks that solution is viable for your issue, first. I can't speak for him eithe…

  • Mains power connector for RIng1,2 units?

  • @yuro “inelegant” is putting it nicely imo. I am admittedly not a GameCube guy but working with a WASP and Swiss was very painful for me my first go-around. mini dvds, geckos, action replays? every Swiss version has multiple file formats, none of them seem cross compatible and are purpose built for a specific application. Specifically formatted and sized SD cards. Not to mention where you’re supposed to put your dang games!? Boot then hotswap to another sd card maybe? Wiikey fusion. Mod chips. f…

  • @AlxUnderBase when you remove the old optical drive, save those screws. You use those for the SD Mount.

  • Since we blew through several pages of discussion in @rewrite’s WASP sale thread, I figured maybe we'd want an actual home for talking about meneerbeer & @citrus3000psi’s GC Loader. After my own fights with a WASP-Custom-Hybrid-whatever-nonsense that didn't ever work, this install couldn't have been easier. Even the crap with Swiss was straightforward... download it from github and write it as "boot.iso" to an sd card (that you also just put your other isos on). A firmware update happened while …

  • This is not a plausible story, and is the story you’d have to tell yourself in order for an infinikey to resurrect the board: board was fine owner removed battery board is now dead owner lists it for sale More plausible is: board died for unknown reason owner assumed battery failure owner removes battery and installs decrypted roms board still dead owner lists it as “untested”

  • Quote from zerox_dogma: “???? ” Looks like the audio potentiometer. When you turn it, does the volume change?

  • Quote from jassin000: “They are super handy for sure, I wish someone made a set of multimeter leads that ended in alligator clips (maybe they do I've just never seen 'em). ” they make adapters you can slide onto the probe tips, like this

  • I am not sure, that's why i just linked the manual. no-jumper could be just fine if it's not linked to a ufb.

  • You could make sure your jumper is correct, and that the LED lights up correctly based on the console you're using:…Retro_Manual_20180626.pdf

  • glaringly obvious would be that your 20 pin harness is plugged into j8 backwards. below is correct, pin 19 and 20 are empty (unless you need power for some reason) how does yours look? FA-UFB20PIN-HARNESS-INSTALL-ZOOM-34__85223.1504106042.1280.1280.jpg

  • PCB Preheater

    ekorz - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Quote from twistedsymphony: “I mean you could probably build one of these things using a heated bed from a 3D printer for under $100 ” You know, I was thinking about just putting my space heater on its side and find a way to mount my pcb above it...

  • PCB Preheater

    ekorz - - General Arcade Tech Help


    So why do you have all those?! And to my original question how do they perform for working on arcade boards with surface mount stuff?

  • PCB Preheater

    ekorz - - General Arcade Tech Help