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  • OSSC Pro, with ROTATION!

    Kavas - - Forum News


    I never got around to getting an OSSC because I already had the Framemeister for the ease of use and streaming benefits. Always was on the fence about getting one eventually. Now I can go in fresh with this Pro version.

  • Quote from xodaraP: “The seller I buy from delivers everything in tubes at least. The last batch several weren't blank and it took a lot of attempts at erasing to get them to erase, and 1 was bad. It's only going to get more difficult unfortunately. They're not making new EPROMs so the quality of recycled chips will go down ” As someone who's ignorant to how eeproms are made, why is it not possible to reproduce these today? Is it just the market not strong enough to warrant any new production ru…

  • Custom Taito Vewlix Sub Panel Aux

    Kavas - - Project Showcase


    The brook boards are fantastic. It's Windows and PC's that are the trouble.

  • Quote from tekkonz: “I currently have the Cabinet being build and sent to me, my plan was just to set up some speakers from the PC and some how connect to PS4 as well? I am guessing the volume control for them can only be connected to either the PC or the PS4 at one time. I guess my real question is, How do people connect but panel/control sticks panels to work for a desktop AND Ps4 without having to constantly switch the USB depending on which one I want to play..... ” You my friend are in for …

  • I am not on the list. I requested a board on page 66. Please add me in the queue if you skipped over me.

  • Recapping Woes

    Kavas - - IGS PGM/PGM2/etc. support


    Slowly getting better at it myself. I am not the best at the really fine stuff like those ribbon cables that come with the console HDMI mods. I have a DCHDMI kit in my closet just sitting there because I am too afraid to take another crack at it. Last time I tried I had to send my N64 in to Voultar to have it fixed He made fun of me for sure! But that was when I was first starting and thought I could handle drag soldering after watching a few videos Think I always have the heat on just a tad too…

  • Totally down. I made my own with leftover ABS plastic, and was only able to fit 2 I/O's in there with the limited space. Would be interested to see how you handle the other side of the panel to fit all those I/O's. wbndRpN.jpg Doesn't look sexy at all but no one notices it.

  • So how did he restore those dents? Heated them up and pounded them out? Add more to it?

  • Wow that is some major dentage. Thankfully I don't have that problem, only a lot of holes Looking forward to your progress and updates.

  • Quote from jimmyjames: “nice job for organizing I went to Walmart and got one of those plastic trays that hold fishing hooks, supplies, buttons, or sewing stuff and put a piece of tape across the top and labeled it with a marker for my screws and bolts. I did it in order of break down so when I go to put everything back together it will be in order of last to first. It’s smart to powder coat everything way stronger than automotive paint. Just like I never understood why people with sega fibergla…

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “On your PGMs 34 pin IDC connector, tap pins 33 and 34 and connect directly to a speaker. Pin 33 is ground while 34 is speaker +. See if you get any audio output. You may have a faulty PGM motherboard. Could be caps, a faulty preamp IC, broken trace etc. It's not associated with the Minigun as I've tested it with 4 of my personal PGM motherboards and a bunch of other people too, and I'd rule out an assembly fault as you've mentioned audio works with other boards... ” MHrRsi…

  • Quote from nem: “Quote from Kavas: “I also noticed I am missing one of the feet... what do I do? ” They're standard metric size leg levelers. You can order similar ones from eBay. You probably won't find an exact match, but does it matter? ” To a degree it does. While no one is ever gonna really notice it unless I specifically point it out, 'I' will notice it. It is something I have noticed a lot lately now that I have experience working on monitors/cabinet restorations. I notice not everyone ev…

  • I'm running 7 buttons on my vewlix since the holes were there. I think the gunpod cycles.

  • Universal JAMMA versus kit

    Kavas - - Project Showcase


    When they become available I most certainly would be interested in one.

  • Quote from acblunden2: “ - Einhander is clearly an arcade inspired title but born on a console - Now I can play it on a cab ” Right on man, so many games are still stuck on a single console. How Square enix hasnt ported this over to digital storefront somewhere is beyond me. One of my favorite shooters of all time.

  • Didn't wanna be mean but you are looking for feedback and you specifically ask about graphics so i'll start with my first impressions on those. I am not digging the main ships design. Whereas every other shmup you can tell what kinda craft it is, maybe with some help from promotional material like Gradius, R-type, etc... you get a feel for it. The ship in your game I cannot imagine how it looks. Even the enemy ships just look very randomized. I can see a thruster but are those wings? Is that a c…

  • Very interested. As I posted before I made my own years ago using ABS plastic and a hole bit: ZyeAJyK.jpg While it works and is non-offensive to look at, your solution is very professional! I would be interested in a Red and Black one to match my cabinet. However I wouldn't be able to make a commitment to purchase until the new year, I already have a load of projects on my plate like restoring my new Sega Aero City... So what is the cut off date? Few questions: 1. Can you make the words say anyt…

  • Just to be sure, can anyone else here test the minigun with a IGS PGM ? I am not getting any sound out of the thing. I recapped it and nothing. I tried changing the volume pot and still nothing. I figure I would atleast hear low volume or a buzz or something, but it's completely silent. Going down the google rabbit hole lead me to a N-G thread where the guy says something about the attenuation circuit. They discuss different pins and even voltages. Seems to be an issue depending on the supergun.…

  • Blast and Astro city projects

    Kavas - - Project Showcase


    Excellent clean up job!

  • Latest Bar Refresh

    Kavas - - Project Showcase


    Quote from KalessinDB: “ Finally got it 99% working yesterday -- only remaining issue Dazzler is a little tricky to hit the down direction, but I realized why - it has standard microswitches on it rather than levered-types. I just ordered a set of levered ones and will be installing them ASAP for my NYE party. Looking forward to it being 100% running. Maybe next year for artwork! ” Dazzler is my girl, treat her well!