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  • arcade monitors do composite? You lost me

  • @Frank_fjs oh i agree 100%. Composite is just for absolute convenience, in case a bunch of CRTs need to be sourced and not all of them have optimal inputs Thanks for the info!

  • rgb to component is easy. Theres tons of solid products as its just simple transcoding rather thn full on conversion. But trying to get a bunch of superguns for a large scale event and sourcing a ton of crts that can do component is a tough endeavor, hence why i asked about a composite addon

  • oh im personally fine! Are there any good transcoders that dont add lag?

  • @Frank_fjs I cant remember if this was asked before, any chance of a composite video addon board? I get asked this from people that want me to make them a minigun and i tell them it only outputs rgbs, and they hate the fact that they need another device to work on a regular crt

  • Quote from jermz1: “I received this the other day and its barely enough thread to lock it in. PAC LC-1 Remote Amplifier Level Controller ” good enough to say that it atleast works?

  • should be the same as the minigun/HAS. b4 b4 b5 b5 b6 b6 1p 2p 1p 2p 1p 2p Doh just realized how old this post is

  • hopefully one gets found soon. I bought this panel specifically to install a volume knob and really dont want to drill and potentially mess the panel up

  • went out on a limb and tried this Axxess AALC Remote RCA Level... No dice on this one either, threading area is just slightly too short. Boo =/

  • i may be down for one. Cool idea

  • so basically, i should probably hold off on buying a volume controller til someone verifies what currently fits?

  • UD-USB Decoders

    SabreAZ - - Temple of the Undamned


    have you guys updated the firmware to the latest? Rhetorical question, but I figure I'd ask anyway

  • i noticed when usingthe minigun with the ossc, im getting some video signal noise. Some slight wavy noise. Is this normal? If not, what could possibly be causing it? Using a meanwell rt65a, psu, 18 gauge wire, retrogamingcables packapunch scart. And all parts via the BOM, aside from wires. Just wondering what my possibilities are to solve it.

  • UD-USB Decoders

    SabreAZ - - Temple of the Undamned


    woah, awesome news dude! Thats gonna make for a lot of happy people!

  • Home Arcade System

    SabreAZ - - RGB's lab


    Well tbh, @jassin000 was right from the beginning. His conversion rate is just way off. He did say "that would add significant 16~32ms (about 12~24 frames) lag." 16.67ms= 1 Frame 16~32ms = approximately 1-2 Frames of lag(not 12~24f) So in actuality, you all are agreeing with eachother =D

  • definitely would like a red one! With labels is fine. Im curious to see how your final build looks with wiring. Im curious as to how to wire the volume knob? I currently use a cheap(I think Lepy) $20 mini amp from amazon, mounted on the inside wall to the right of the service door/cab power switch. Would those components you linked work with it? If not, got a better amp to use?

  • UD-USB Decoders

    SabreAZ - - Temple of the Undamned


    Arlieth, not that i am aware of. What some people do is purchase really short 3 to 6 inch usb extension cables. I know touching or getting near exposed electronics may make people uncomfortable, so using these extension cords allow people to plug and unplug without getting near the pcb. Also, covering the bottom of the board woth electrical tape is a good idea =)

  • right, that's exactly how I have always known to do it. I wish I could find the link I was referring to. A bunch of electrician talk, and there was some confusion in regards to this. Figure I would just come here to set the record straight =)

  • Quote from Frank_fjs: “What is the PSU in question? Some have earth and DC ground connected internally via a filtering capacitor, which is why continuity won't buzz through on a multimeter. ” in my case, an RT-65a

  • hey guys, I was curious about something in regards to wiring for power. I've recently read somewhere that i should run one of the two grounds from the minigun power cable to the field ground(FG) terminal on the psu, which a proper 3 prong power cable is already utilizing. Is this accurate? I normally combine both ground wires to one spade fork and run it to one ofvthecregular ground terminals. I also see many others do this over the years. Not sure which method is correct. Help!