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  • stv bootleg card

    Darksoft - - Sega ST-V


    @nem thanks a lot. Can you please post a picture of it?

  • SDDH is WCCF 2016-2017

  • Hmm might be that too. Definitely worth trying. Which PSU do you currently use to power it? Can you please send a picture of the MV1C as well?

  • stv bootleg card

    Darksoft - - Sega ST-V


    Quote from Fluffy: “I'm not attached to it, though it is my only ST-V cartridge right now. What are you offering? ” I want to extract the schematics and send to MAME. You say it's Die Hard as well? Interesting....then I can't understand why the flashes are placed at different places. We can discuss the details via PM.

  • stv bootleg card

    Darksoft - - Sega ST-V


    I found the other day a cart that didnt work properly. I opened it and turned out to be a bootleg! I've never seen one for STV and I would expect that even less for Die Hard evil.png See picture below.…4cda9c7ae898f056095a9d284 @Fluffy any chance I could get yours? Thanks!

  • If I send you a microSD Slot are you able to replace it? You can also PM and we arrange that I replace it for you if you send it over to me. Let me know what you prefer. Thanks.

  • Quote from rivlez: “I also did message @Mitsurugi-w on Twitter ” Why message him on Twitter? He's and admin here. Send him a PM. That'd be quicker. Quote from rivlez: “I have attached a video of what i'm getting now - ” It's showing only 4 games. How many games do you have on your microSD? It's clearly a problem with the microSD not with the cart. Maybe the microSDs that you have are not the best ones or there is a problem with the micro…

  • Quote from opt2not: “It’s beyond just being a purist (which I am anyway), it’s the principle of taking care of a thoughtful gift given by a loved one. ” We completely get it. Best option you have now is to put my BIOS there. Quote from opt2not: “my wife gave me about 11 years ago for my 30th birthday. In those days, Third Strike was going for $300, complete, and that’s off eBay ” Don't tell me, I got my first CPS3 about 8 years ago and price was like $300. Nowadays, no chance to get it for less …

  • Quote from Wraith: “Quote from Darksoft: “@Wraith you mean this? ” ? ” Sorry, I meant @garou81

  • @Wraith you mean this?

  • Quote from rivlez: “It either gets stuck on "initializing file system". Do you need to do the firmware and top files every time you do the menu? ” No you dont. Quote from rivlez: “I've tried with and without a games folder. I always delete the menu folder and try to make a new one. I've tried formatting and so many memory cards and it doesn't make a difference. I think the micro sd card slot is screwed up because the things that happen are strange and don't make sense. ” Maybe is that. Can you p…

  • @Taco_Human which kind of adapter are you using. These are in general not recommended, but if you tell the model, someone who has it or has tried to use it can confirm.

  • Quote from spiderzsoft: “if Atomiswave 2 Naomi then any chance for Hikaru or Gaelco or Cave CV 100 2 Noami ” Those platforms are completely different and have little in common. Definitely not coming from me, sorry.

  • thats imo clearly a problem with the microsd. It could be also the microsd slot.

  • IMO mMust be the card... Do you have a smaller card like 4Gb that you could try with? Then you know for sure that it works with one card and the issue is with those Samsungs.

  • Is it SDXC or SDHC? Exact model please.

  • hten it must be the JVS card. Which one are you using?

  • Quote from rivlez: “Need help... Just got this today from and for the life of me I can't get this thing to work on my Time Harvest CMVS. I got it to load the menu in the beginning. I went to update it and it's never really worked since. Now i'm stuck on "checking games". I've tried flashing the firmware and i'm not getting anywhere. Things I have tried: 1. Multiple memory cards from Samsung, Sandisk to Kingston formatted with SD Card Formatter 2. I've tried all the firmware up…

  • Quote from DIDADUB: “Hi Darksoft, Sorry for being so late to answer. In the folder games, there is folder of several games. Each games's folder include 6 files : crom0; fpga, m1rom, prom, srom and vroma0 Folder game also include folder MENU in which there is 5 files : crom0; m1rom, prom, srom and vroma0 The folder update is empty. I download all the MVS packs of the forum. Thank you for your help. ” Can you try a different microSD like Samnsung or Sandisc from a good trusted source? Do also a mi…

  • what is in folder update? And games?