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  • could those JVS cards be adapted to work in a Vewlix instead of the PCB that fits inside the control panel? I've got a fastio Diamond Black and one of these PCB's and wondered if it was an option?

  • I've had no issues with any of the G-Net PCB's I've bought - the most desirable one has the piggyback PCB with long capacitors on (high score save pcb). There's also a network card add-on. Test it works properly first and make sure you have +5V set correctly, they're a bit fragile voltage wise and will die quite quickly if +5V is too high and will sit in a reboot loop if too low. If you are prepared to wait for one they can still be picked up for $60-70. simple job to flash too - insert chip wit…

  • I could do with the wiring diagram for the JVS PCB to see if it can be adapted to a normal Vewlix (mine only has FastIO).

  • Type x3 nessica live offline

    penrhos - - Taito Type X


    I've got a couple of spare RFID readers for X3 lying around (one's listed on with a fastio pcb) - that'll solve one error.... I'm almost in the same boat - I have an original USF4 drive & dongle + a P&D TTX3 and need to get it working....

  • I've got a TTX & TTX+ with stock cards I'll dig them out and dump the bios and compare it to some stock ATI 9600SE (as I have a box of those).

  • Taito Type X2 Upgrades and Mods

    penrhos - - Taito Type X


    Has anyone tried using a Xeon CPU in the X2 either native 775 or modded 771?

  • Taito x2 ram upgrade

    penrhos - - Taito Type X


    That's what I used to upgrade mine - 2 * 1Gb sticks - used "Crucial ballistics" in another with no issues either. I have found some TTX2's where the empty slot was so full of fluff so had to give it a good clean before it'd register the second stick.

  • Will it still fit on a 120Gb SSD or do I need to buy a bigger one (standard games not Nesica)?

  • Quote from Tjohejsan: “When buying my X2 a few days ago. He told me to buy a x3 to he had many. He said do it now before a x3 multi i comming, then price will be much higher. 200 $ for a x3 ” I just picked up a pair of X3's for $60 + shipping. Not that I actually wanted the games - at that price I got an arcade PC case with PSU, GT660, hard drive mounting plate and a JVS/fastio card - the dongle, original HDD & the PCB can go in the bin for all I care. I'm putting a M-ATX motherboard, i7-3770 cp…

  • Vewlix IO options

    penrhos - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Quote from yuro: “Quote from penrhos: “I built a jamma loom for one of my fastio vewlix so I could use a capcom jamma->jvs for naomi/ttx2. ” Is your Jamma loom just straight JAMMA female edge to JAMMA female edge then? No other special modifications until it reaches the Capcom JAMMA JVS I/O Board? ” I built a JAMMA loom and worked backwards from the 56-pin JAMMA edge to the various connectors on the Vewlix looms (so P1, P2, Coin/service under the CP and RGB+Sync to a VGA Up-scaler). then I can u…

  • I'm pretty sure it's the same pinout as the PANA Custom.

  • that's what I'm trying to do... I picked up a P&D TTX3 for 3000 YEN and sea freighted it back to the UK. Stripped it down, cleaned it out thoroughly, replaced the case & psu fans for nice quiet ones, installed a matx motherboard with i7 3.4Ghz and 16Gb ram in place if the TTX3 motherboard, stuck the original video card back in and setup windows 7 & MAME on it. Until someone can upload windows 7 drivers for the taito fastio / jvs card I'm using a jvspac2 for controls but ultimately I want to get …

  • I cut down JAMMA fingerboards for mine but if someone does a batch at a reasonable price I'll take 10.

  • Help - dead EXboard...

    penrhos - - General Arcade Tech Help


    Quick update - replaced some capacitors on the PSU and the PC is now working from a 12V PSU with the OEM BIOS - I can install XP and drivers onto a 4Gb CF card in an IDE-CF adapter and the mainboard seems to be behaving as normal. I have the EXamu files that are floating around - If I get a 2Gb DOM do I install windows onto it and then copy the files across as they don't seem to be complete with O/S files?

  • As you're in the UK contact G60hot (John) on ArcadeOtaku - he's bringing in a container of cabs and there are 10 * brand new "Vewlix Blacks" in the shipment - I've got my name on a pair! It does mean I'll have to sell my two clean Vewlix-F's to pay for them so if you miss out - they'll be up for sale in 6 weeks.

  • Quote from rtw: “I did a recheck on Win10 this morning and on the latest patch level it does not work anymore I have an idea why it is not working but as of now Win10 is not supported any more. Sorry about that. ” So I'm not going mad - naomi-CF is also broken on the latest W10 update.....

  • Is it locked down so signed in members only can see it?

  • Finally got this working..... I had to download and install MiniTool partition Wizard on my Windows 10 PC. I put it into a PCMCIA adapter in my old laptop - ran ataid to get the 4-digit code, took the CF-card out and put it into a USB CF-reader on my Windows 10 PC. Opened Partition Wizard, selected the drive, wiped any old partitions, Formatted the CF as FAT16 and labelled it as NaomiCF, Once formatted I used file explorer to select the drive to check it was accessible and "Eject" it from window…

  • the unigen's are 255Mb and the transcend's are 1Gb. I might dig out my old XP laptop for one last attempt.

  • Right - this is starting to piss me right off.... I'm using W7 on a laptop with the CF card in a PCMCIA adapter... ATAID -d 1 gives me 0x3033 GCFI -s 0x3033 -d E:\ -l ABC.BIN -g dol222.bin Gives me an error message saying I need to use -W GCFI -s 0x3033 -d E:\ -l ABC.BIN -g dol222.bin -W Gives me an error message saying I need format the card as FAT So I eject & re-insert the card format it as FAT, Default label NaomiCF, windows formats it OK but I get the same error messages. I've even tried HD…