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  • @Fluffy if your buddy does not care about CGA then we have a retropie image with hdmi where you can add anything you want. Lmk

  • Maybe bad ram, cpu or even bios? Does it have a speaker header where you can connect one and listen for the system beeps?

  • Quote from hardyhell: “so the volume is adjustable per These knobs and per Service menu? thanks ” The kick connector has two pins for external buttons for vol+ and vol- as well, so it's possible to have external volume controls:) See…S2_-_3.2F4_Player_Harness

  • I just got myself one of these but it's very different. It's got a H3 quadcore and 1gb ram, they sent me a retropie image along with it. Problem is the cga signal is bad on both my ms9 and pfx and the vga is not detected on the PFX. I spent quite some time hacking these along with "RedboX" on J+ forums and now these boards finally have enough power to run UMK3 and such but the video output is bad. Works fine on hdmi though. I need to dump my card(s) as mine boot from internal sd and don't need U…

  • Killer Instinct Dual Board

    Asure - - Midway Systems


    Does the controller work 'both ways' and as a black box? If so why not read/dump the KI2 disk with the adapter in between and on PC? Would the result not be a disk image that runs on a KI1 board, without the need for the adapter? (And yes, i am assuming at this point, the KI2 hdd dumps we have are done of a plain disk on a PC, without the adapter in between.)

  • Quote from Asure: “Well, it doesn't seem to write or read from 0x50000-FF ” From my initial work, the main CPU can read/write to 0x50000 (to 0x50000,FF) and the ARM will do some magic on whatever is written there. You can see the magic in the simulation that is done (for example) in…pgmprot_igs027a_type1.cpp So, when you run the original ddpdoj black/white label (not patched, not the bootleg) in MAME with the debugger, add a watchpoint: Source Code (1 line)And the …

  • FYI: I tried this already and it did not hit the BP for any asic communication. Might be something else, maybe nvram related?

  • We'll need to confirm it doesn't crash first. Otherwise it's a waste of money.

  • Should be easy to confirm, you can just credit feed all the way to that stage. I don't know if AMBs version has the issue btw.

  • Thats the version w/ the crash in it.

  • Hey thanks man but this wasnt all my effort. The other guy got it to properly boot w/o crashing and I worked from there. I never reuploaded it to avoid other conversions popping up that have an error. I see they are still being sold and have no idea if they have the crash. Nobody confirmed if joergs version did or did not have the crash. We need a dump.

  • Best to think outside the box. Flip the monitor to the old style (time pilot etc.) The modern games have screen flip option anyway

  • Cab smoking

    Asure - - General Arcade Tech Help


  • On-topic question, was the ddp white label from the glue master guy ever dumped & released?

  • Universal JAMMA versus kit

    Asure - - Project Showcase


    Quote from Hatsune Mike: “Quote from Derick2k: “Any chance in the future you could expand upon this and make it so you can use for 3p-4p games across 3 - 4 cabs? ” Nope, sorry, never doing 4P! Not enough gain for the effort, and the wiring's got nothing in common with a versus setup side from the video and audio. But, I do encourage anyone to step in and make such a thing. ” Its basically the same thing:a way to feed video and audio and tap side 2 1p/2p into the other side generic header. From t…

  • Nanao MS-2931

    Asure - - Monitor Help


    Focus looks off on all the pics I see here. Corners are fuzzy. It's good to at least have some sort of replacement but it does not appear to be a perfect match yet.

  • I traded my Alien storm conversion on the other rom board to a friend for a Clutch Hitter rom board. It was his grail.. But now i notice the Clutch Hitter rom board is different.. Without burning 18 roms can someone confirm the Clutch Hitter runs Alien Storm as I intended? And yes I already own Moonwalker and DD Crew original, so there's that

  • Crude busters to Edward Randy? Green beret to Ninja Turtles? Tell us already

  • Tekken 7 FR - How to link?

    Asure - - Namco ES1 / ES3


    Are we sure it even uses a different firmware? Most likely it is, as it may have a vpn tunnel to namco servers preconfigured. Maybe they have firmware updates available?

  • Tekken 7 FR - How to link?

    Asure - - Namco ES1 / ES3


    Can you set both to a local IP and see what it does? (a) and (b) Subnet If you use a hub or switch they won't get an IP I'd think. (Maybe a 169 default IP but that's not what you would want.) Show some screenshots of the config it has now and we can go from there.