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  • Quote from Debu_Ranger: “Is there a new firmware for AES Darksoft? ” I think that if there was a new one, you would see it on the first page.

  • Quote from Darksoft: “P.S. We've just released a new version of the menu. The changes are mainly for AES so it remember settings and doesn't restore to defaults everytime. After updating the menu, you need to power cycle to completely reset the cartridge. ” I just updated the menu (01/04/2019) and nothing has changed regarding the saving of the settings in games. I turned off and on the console several times without change. Reseting... Remove the power cord from the console ... I also relaunched…

  • I just edited my previous post : I don't have those options problem when i set the type to "Normal Home Use" in the debug bios menu. By default, the option is set to "Devel.Home Use". I don't have those problems with original cartridge in Devel. Home Use. Edit : I have to set "Normal Home Use" in the Debug Bios AND "AES" in the Multi-AES so that everything is OK.

  • Hi, First of all thank you for this great product ! I have some problems with games's options (difficulty level, time of a round, number of life, keys mapping). Like Samy83, i use the last menu (24/03/2019) and the last Neo Geo Roll-Up Pack (there is 2 "Neo Geo Roll-Up BETA 3.1 2019-03-04.7z" file on MEGA... i got the 21H17 one). When i play Metal Slug X, The number of life is set to "F" (?), all the keys (shoot / jump / ..) are on "A" for both players, difficulty level to easy. When i play Garo…