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  • This place is Awesome.

    Dreygor - - Introduce Yourself!


    Welcome! Sounds like you have quite the set-up already started Glad I could help and if ya need anything just give us a shout

  • Taito Type X2 Upgrades and Mods

    Dreygor - - Taito Type X


    There was some discussion about a possible tate mod a while back. However I did not see a definitive patch or anything come from it. -Some people mention it might be possible through an INI file -It was mentioned about maybe forcing the graphics card to do it through a DXWND command causing the whole screen to rotate. Similiar to how the games work when you load them up on a regular PC to play them. -There was talk of a software work around that might be able to do this. However I feel a softwar…

  • Taito Type X2 Upgrades and Mods

    Dreygor - - Taito Type X


    Quote from trinity4444: “ I put mame on Nico's Multi. But I only use the best shooters and jump and run games. About 30 games. That's quite enough. And even this is almost too much. And the good shooters you get as original PCB anyway. Less is more. ” I agree with this. I had tons and tons of MAME games on there and ended up removing all but a handful of fighting, SHMUP, and puzzle games. Of course all of the X and X2 games (that are released) are still on there. Without having sub folders it ju…

  • Quote from Ziggy Cheetos Dust: “Out of stock again @Arthrimus? Keen when you get more. Thanks. ” I think Derrick and I might be responsible for that. Sorry 'bout that. There was three left after I ordered and Derrick said he needed a few :p

  • Following and tagging a few people @PlayYing @Derick2k

  • Quote from arcadeaction: “Quote from Dreygor: “Soooooo this raises some questions..A) Do you by chance live anywhere near Georgia / Florida? B) If so how much would this service cost if someone has a few extra 2931 chassis? ” About 3hrs from Midway, GA. Potentially, if given an original chassis and/or an original Nanao yoke, a tube could be configured and left in the original TV case for pickup/transport. A person would then bolt the tube onto their Nanao metal frame and reattach the chassis. I'…

  • Quote from arcadeaction: “You can also take them from old TVs if you do other swaps. I get most of my convergence strips and a good number of chevrons from those. ” Soooooo this raises some questions.. A) Do you by chance live anywhere near Georgia / Florida? B) If so how much would this service cost if someone has a few extra 2931 chassis?

  • Pretty please?

  • Hrm .. I understand the downside of what happened .. but now the stuff is out there .. but the question remains is can @Darksoft hook a 3rd cousin (twice removed) up with a pimped version that is correctly made for netbooting? Buggy or not I would still love to play them.

  • While I was not keen on getting "cart" versions of Kenju and Force Five games as my only actual Atomiswave motherboard is in a my AW shooting cab, and I run an Naomi 2 NetBoot in my AW stick and button cab. I was hoping to see a proper release for the NetBooting system as I heard that there are varying versions of the patched BIN files and some work and some are buggy. From my friends that have been to Galloping Ghost in Chicago area say that Chicago 1929 is a complete cab but the game has an un…

  • @Darksoft I was reading that someone released the prototype Atomiswave games for Force Five and Kenju into the wild. I was wondering if you were working on the NetBootable versions of these sir? If you want the link to the games that were posted to Facebook just IM me and I will give you the link that I saw. Thanks!

  • Got mine today and they look awesome!

  • Polishing a scratched monitor

    Dreygor - - Monitor Help


    Wow, that turned out good! I can not count how many monitor tubes I have had that had the face scratched up and I just did not want to deal with them. Looking back I should have bit the bullet and sanded and buffed them out like you did.

  • I am in for a couple of Black decals.

  • @Arthrimus Say I have a Chewlix that is wired for a Sega 837-14572 I/O what would I need to do to make that pin-out compatible with this board?…f0a7e2586effbb05f1c373305…f0a7e2586effbb05f1c373305

  • Tons of plans here.. or here…nja-turtles-4-player.html

  • Quote from CharGP02A: “For testing purposes, I'd like to use my USB X-Arcade tank stick. For finished product purposes, I'd like to get either a more rectangular USB stick or some custom stick. Do JAMMA 8 button sticks exist? ” Never used an X-Arcade tank stick button configuration seems weird to me though. So I thought you said you wanted to use a 246/256 and possibly a Naomi set-up with this rig. Why do you need 8 buttons? However I do not know of any JAMMA 8 button stick .. most at that are 3…

  • Quote from CharGP02A: “Regarding the idea of the JAMMA connection, what arcade stick would I use for that? ” This can go one of many ways also. Do you have a fight stick already in mind? Is it USB? What kind of internal controller does it have? Depending on what your answer is you could use a mini-supergun, mcthulhu controller, Brooks controller, or have/get it wired for JAMMA directly and not need any of the additional stuff. Doing custom set-ups is NEVER just a cut and dry. There are many ways…

  • @CharGP02A 1)…b61c9a:g:rz0AAOSwI3RW~VTP…49ac3d:g:VBcAAOSwThddCNVT 2) Every LCD monitor with a VGA input I have hooked my System 256 to has worked fine. The audio is RCA out so you can either use a set of desktop PC speakers, run it out to an amplifier then to speakers or right into RCA inputs on a TV. 3) I would wire the cabinet up for JAMMA then you can use either a Capcomor Namco JVS I/O either one will work. For the kick harness I …

  • @CharGP02A I've got some 246/256 Gundam stuff I am looking to sell off if you are interested.…ystem-246-225-shipped-us/