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  • This is also a good, albeit incomplete resource: There are some full repro boards out there too. I'm not sure if they're available at all, but I know Crossed Swords 2 has had a "release" on them.

  • I was actually talking about looking into this recently too. Figured I'd just match up prog/char boards and jumpers and see how far I got. Top Player's Golf is about to see some changes.

  • Quote from xodaraP: “Interested to see if you have the same burnt smell on your PROG board that I do. ” I don't, on either Ketsui or Espgaluda. But I do have the same issues

  • This look familiar @xodaraP? Going to put the last piece in DOJ and see if that works or not next. DOJ works beautifully, which is no surprise because I already have three other ways to play this one T_T lol.

  • I've never really mucked about with yokes either outside of making adjustments.

  • NesicaXLive on Yahoo Auctions

    rewrite - - Taito Type X


    I'll try and take a look tonight!

  • NesicaXLive on Yahoo Auctions

    rewrite - - Taito Type X


    Quote from Niko: “Not sure why the Nesica Preservation thread got locked. There have been a few NxL X2s pop up on YAJ recently with the older 250GB drives. If you've won one of these or know someone who has, please reach out to me. There are still quite a few older game revisions that need to be preserved before they're lost forever. ” Do you have game names and/or IDs for what you're missing? Can compare what I have to what you're missing. Can't do much of anything with them, but I do have a bu…

  • Quote from MoppelTheWhale: “looks awesome!, unfortunately i'm out, i have USB GDROM installed ” Same. It does look great though!

  • @West Well, easiest thing to do is grab 4x 27c020's and burn the program roms for SFTM, toss both of your SFTM boards onto the working GT motherboard and see what happens! More than likely the prog roms on GT3D are also 27c020's and you can just steal those and rewrite them.

  • That's just how arcade boards work.

  • Quote from beast1x5: “Wow people went through all the effort of finding posts of my excitement for a multi, yet didn't have the common sense to add a consumer to the list and are now using my old posts to clout chase because of my frustration... Cool.. I'll just wait for my message to buy one then. ” Two different people took time out of their days to try and get you put where you should have been on the list. Because either you didn't want to do it for yourself, or you didn't know that you shou…

  • Would one of the repro's be useful to either of you? I'm not using mine at present.

  • Quote from beast1x5: “@rewrite So you disregarded when I posted a picture of my shinobi system16b asking which version of the multi I should get in which @Frank_fjs recommended v1 I've been PayPal ready for the past few months, but good try reaching ” I actually went back through the posts in this thread to find where you should have been on the list and make a post stating your position in order to get you help since your initial post read frustrated and didn't actually let anyone know where yo…

  • Quote from beast1x5: “V2 for me... I'm broke AF so I can definitely wait ” Quote from Apocalypse: “V2 has no release date yet, prototype is far from final, although all functionalities have been tested and validated. ” Quote from beast1x5: “Indeed... I see quite a few people ahead of me even though I expressed interest before then.. but oh well -shrug- ” Considering the v2's aren't being made yet, it doesn't really matter where you are on the list.

  • Just posting to keep tabs on this. I have one of the guru ones as well.

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “if you've got a logic probe or scope you can start by seeing if any of the pins on the 74 series IC or the SMD ROMs are floating. ” I'll give it a shot!

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “I don't think you can. AFAIK they're not dumped, and they'd probably need to be sent out to be de-capped to reproduce (or reverse engineer the code from MAME). ” That's just my luck. Quote from twistedsymphony: “with that said, I'd suspect if that were your problem it wouldn't even boot. ” Well if anyone wants to pop theirs out and see what happens... Square things are U37 and U38 on the motherboard, swapped over from the SFTM motherboard to the GT one per @ekorz ins…

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “ Quote from ekorz: “I think @rewrite needs a dump of the PAL on the actual SFTM rom board, U1 labeled ITSF-1, which isn’t the same as golden tee which is ITGF-1 I think. ” the problem is it's not a PAL, it's the security PIC ” I'm not sure how there was much confusion since I stated I was working on the rom board from the start, but I'm glad it's cleared up now. As previously stated, the issue is not with the roms themselves. And it's good to have cleared up that it'…

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “should be the same as Golden Tee 3D: which, if the new PAL doesn't fix it just buy a Golden Tee with the same model number PCB and swap it on. When I was "fixing" my SFTM I managed to buy 3 of them in a lot for $35 shipped. ” Are you sure? I was under the impression that Golden Tee doesn't have the same graphics rom board and that was the entire reason you can't just use GT for SFTM. The board I have plays Golden…

  • Got a broken SF:TM board on my desk and some A/B testing has brought me to the graphics board being the culprit. There doesn't seem to be much going on on the graphics board, and at this point I've pretty much ruled out everything except the PAL(PIC apparently) at U1 (I think it's a PAL anyway) and the two 74ls chips (have these on order). So I'm hoping someone has the PAL dumped and could give me a hand getting this one replaced!