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  • Quote: “Added the last several people to the list! First 10 invoices should go out before new year!” [/quote]Been looking forward to this.

  • I know the Chinese EPROM erasers are pretty common (like this one…?smid=ASYH6LJL1LF7Q&psc=1), but their quality is really suspect and aren't that fast to order/ship. I don't see myself using it very often, so I was curious if something like a UV sterilizer for pacifiers would work? Something like these:…ords=UV%2BSterilizer&th=1…13&keywords=UV+Sterilizer [This article suggest you'd run an Eprom through t…

  • Quote from dash3296: “how do I wire buttons to the 26 pin analog port on my sega i/o board?…ef8ea091664eaf8c52decb1e8 ” My post in this thread has the JVS pinout that I was able to figure out: Help buying the right 256 stuff

  • Quote from dash3296: “Thanks, my Taiko 10 works. Next step is on how do I wire buttons to the 26 pin analog port on my sega i/o board? I have this type of button and micro switch pictured below.…ef8ea091664eaf8c52decb1e8 ” If I recall my conversations with defor when I was trying (and failing) to wire up buttons for Taiko, you need the 3-prong microswitch type as the wiring required is GND/AD/VCC.

  • A Freeware Taito TypeX Multigame

    aoiddr - - Taito Type X


    Quote from invzim: “Finally got around to installing this properly, great work @rtw and friends! This is how I did it: * "KingDian S200 60GB" for 17.64USD, shipped(!) from AliExpress * USB3 to sata adapter (no external power needed for SSD) * The windows utility in first post to write raw images * Attached to SATA port on motherboard + a HDD to sata power adapter I had laying around. Very simple, pretty much for free - and since the SDD is fully caged I simply wedged it between the case and the …

  • I attempted to wire up a PlayStation 2 Taiko drum to a Sega I/O a while back (and buttons before that), but hit a brick wall with the build. Here are some forum links for what I came up with, if anyone finds this helpful. I'm definitely hoping someone can figure out a solution to get these games to work one day. The i/o pinout that I was able to figure out: Help buying the right 256 stuff Some wiring diagram links can be found here: S-JIHP: Sega JVS I/O Helper PCB

  • In for one.

  • I watched the Mario Bros/Simpsons/Paperboy/Dragon's Lair videos and subscribed. As someone that watches a lot of different youtuber's documentaries each week while I'm working, I wanted to offer a little bit of constructive criticism. I really like the early parts of your videos about the actual history, but feel there could be a bit more depth to them as the history aspect should be the most expansive and well-researched part (i.e. if you can find rare tidbits that aren't common knowledge). I a…

  • Quote from Nodoyuna: “I received mine on friday and I've just try it yesterday It works great and very easy to install The only problem I have is that some games are in freeplay mode (Columns II, for example), and others put more than one coin when I push the coin button on my supergun (it works fine with most games) I'd like to know the dipswitch settings for each game, as they seem to be different depending on the game loaded (I've put the jumpers as said on first post) Or even better, if some…

  • I put this together the day I got it, but didn't have a chance to test it out until tonight. Works perfectly! Thanks so much! BSHMKWo.jpg

  • Received my kit in the mail today. Will set it up tonight. Thanks!

  • Quote from Derick2k: “Ok, who am I sending $$ to?? ” Yep, go ahead and take my money, too!

  • Oh, wow. Finally! I'm in for one.

  • When I installed my CPS2 multi, I didn't remove the entire shell post. Rather, I shaved it down some on one side so that the multi would fit.

  • Count me in for one whenever it becomes a reality. Best of luck.

  • Quote from djsheep: “I'm on a Mac and having troubles extracting the CHD to IMG to burn to the cards. Anyone have any ideas? ” I'm not familiar Mac options, but I'm pretty sure you're just supposed to write the CHD file to a card? This is how ArcadeModBios' windows-based "GNETFlasher" program would work--you would just select the CHD and it'd write it to the card.

  • Krizz has been actively rereleasing new versions of his Everdrives in flash and ram versions labeled X3/X5/X7 and at different price points (why there needed to be 3 Everdrive tiers...I don't know). It sounds like NeoSD is going for that model with a vanilla (flash) and Pro (ram+flash) version.

  • Quote from twistedsymphony: “Quote from aoiddr: “Analog 573 games (DDR 1st-2nd Mix, Fisherman's Bait/Bass Challenge, etc) ” Is Fisherman's bait an Analog game? The MAME source lists that, as well as all of the other non-rythm games (such as the various "-champ" games) as using a "plain" system 573 without the digital nor analog IO board. ” It's been a while since I cracked open my DDR Analog 573/Fisherman's Bait 573/DDR Digital 573s, but... The DDR Analog and Fisherman's Bait units would run a 4…

  • Word of warning: You need to be careful with the Mame dumps when using those for conversions of Analog 573 games (DDR 1st-2nd Mix, Fisherman's Bait/Bass Challenge, etc). The MAME dumps can and do cause sync issues with the audio when they're converted (something that was discovered when trying to convert 1st Mix). It's better to use a clean ISO or BIN/CUE dump than trying to un-convert the MAME dumps. I realize that can be difficult as, well, some of those are extremely rare. I have some of thes…