Virtua Cop 3 cursor skipping

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    • Virtua Cop 3 cursor skipping

      Hey all,

      I know I posted a very similar thread some time ago, but this is a separate issue.

      Basically the right/player 2 gun has some tracking issues where the cursor will randomly skip all around the screen. Calibration does not assist with the issue, and it doesn't happen all the time. But when it does happen it happens for a random amount of time, then seems to go back to functional.

      I've already replaced the sensor board on the gun (dang those are expensive) and the behavior is the same as before. I've also opened the gun itself and inspected all wires and connections several times and everything appears to be in order.

      The left/player 1 gun operates completely fine 100% of the time.

      I've opened the cabinet up as much as I dare to inspect the various components, but my amateur inspection doesn't see anything obvious. Any suggestions where I might inspect closer and what to look for? And again, just to clarify, the issue does not happen 100% of the time, but it does have quite often (several times per play).

      Thank you!
    • Why did you replace the sensor board when you could have just swapped the right gun with the left one?

      Anyway, since you have two guns and one of them is working, then it's going to be easy to rule out whatever part is causing the random skips by swapping things over. Start by swapping the connectors that go from the guns to the gun sense board. After that swap the wires that go to the P1 and P2 analog inputs on the JVS IO.
    • I have the same issue with some of my light guns and I've seen it at plenty of arcades. It happens with both IR and traditional light guns and I haven't been able to fully troubleshoot it.

      My theory is that it is caused in part by old caps that need replacing. Replacing the electronics doesn't always help because the replacement parts are also old.

      I have managed to improve it in some cases by cleaning the gun lens, turning up the brightness (with traditional light guns, replacing sensors around the screen (for IR guns) and turning off any tube lights nearby. grounding and shielding also helps if you have solenoids or motors in the gun.