CPS3 installation, question,

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    • CPS3 installation, question,

      Hi everyone,
      Maybe someone already posted something similar, however I have not found tutorials on everything you need to do to get this up and running.

      So here's what I did :
      - I desoldered the 29F400 chip
      - removed the battery
      - put the chip in my programmer
      - erased it
      - programmed the SuperBIOS for custom SH2
      - verified it
      - enabled protection
      - soldered it back.

      I triple checked the solder joints, no shorts, I also reflowed every pin of the custom SH2, again very careful to use flux and not make any bridges whatsoever. Here's the damage :

      Is there anything else that needs to be done ? When I boot with this cart, CD starts spinning but blank screen. Sometimes I have a small fade in the top of the screen and garbage going from left to right.....

      And sadly when I put back my SF3 3rd strike original cart, that worked last week, now I get a black screen again, but that's a sob story for another day.

      Obi-wan Keno-arcadeprojects, you're my only hope !