neckboard swap

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    • neckboard swap

      I have two chassis:
      1. Nanao MS8-18A with its original Nanao neckboard.
      2. Nanao MS8-18FB with a Toei neckboard.

      There are two differences between the neckboards connectics on each chassis:
      - The Nanao neckboard does have an additional wire (G1) that the Toei neckboard don't have.
      - The MS8-18FB chassis connectors are linked togheter by a wire (8/4). I guess that link is for replace the missing G1...

      Can I swap the neckboards with that new wiring like on the 2nd shema?

      p.s. do I risk a fire or an explosion, or do I only risk to shortcut the neckboard, or also the main board?
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