Need recommendations for a good pattern generator

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    • Need recommendations for a good pattern generator

      I've heard people recommending picking up Tekken 3 to use as a test PCB because it is set up for both both JVS and JAMMA (at 15khz), but I'm wondering if there is a better/cheaper option.

      Is there a good, compact, cheap, feature-rich, pattern generator that includes RGB at high-impedance (JAMMA), low-impedance (VGA), with options for c-sync and h/v-sync in a D-sub connector?

      bonus points if it also:

      - has a JAMMA edge
      - supports 24khz and 31khz for testing tri-sync chassis
      - is self-powered (just plug into VGA without needing to futz with the power supply)
    • Dont think one exists with all those options.

      I currently use this guy to test my jamma cabs, picked one up for $29 on ebay.

      Gets the job done at least for jamma :) before I just used a cheap game board.

      Found: Garegga, Bakraid, Gunnail, Hyper Duel
      Wanted: PCBs - Batsugun, Rapid Hero, Air Gallet Arts/Pop/Manuals - Garegga, Bakraid
      Vewlix CP Shipping Brackets (2x red sets preferred)
    • What you are asking for isn't existing currently to my knowledge.

      you have to pick and choose:

      small portable cheap... but without the features you want (no 31k etc) people will recommend crafty tpg

      big expensive...but with way more features than you need cm2125 (i use). any resolution, test pattern, sync signal, frequency, injection of signal, etc
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    • For color/contrast/brightness calibration, the best pattern is the CPS2 color bars at 15khz. At 31khz, the best is the NAOMI's color bar pattern. I tend to set colors/contrast/brightness to the CPS2's color bars pattern; that is my reference standard. Each PCB plugged in will have different resolutions/timing/geometry. But I only adjust geometry when I plug in other boards. CPS2 is my reference standard for colors/contrast/brightness. Once set, I don't touch it.

      For purity and convergence, the best thing to use is Crafty Mech's TPG's solid color screens. If you are doing any tube swapping and are swapping out the yoke, you really need this as you position the yoke perfectly for purity. Also, that you can flip off the color guns on the TPG individually, makes it great for adjust convergence. The TPG is almost worthless for color calibration. You can solder RGB/S/VGnd to a fingerboard to pipe the video through JAMMA. Most owners of the TPG will make a harness that they can plug unplug different connectors so they can connect to different chassis.

      Another thing that is available is 240p Test Suite. If you have a Dreamcast and a VGA cable, you can send both a 31khz signal and a 15khz signal over the VGA connection to an NNC (at least that is the case with my Sanwa PFX based NNC). But the test patterns don't really work at 31khz. But out of all the calibration tools that are out there, the most comprehensive is 240p Test Suite. It even has the CPS2's color bars.

      Once you have purity, convergence, color, brightness, contrast set at one frequency, as you plug in other games, you'll only have to worry about geometry. Arcade monitors don't have user modes like TV's. There is no WARM, BRIGHT, GAME, or whatever mode. They just have one mode, regardless of the signal. So don't even sweat 24khz.