Soul Calibur 3 AE tourney thanks to @brizzo multi Dongle - Need OSSC settings!

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    • Soul Calibur 3 AE tourney thanks to @brizzo multi Dongle - Need OSSC settings!

      Check out the vid here:

      Just wanted to shout out @brizzo for making an amazing dongle, if not for that device I wouldn’t have taken the plunge on system 2x6. Thank you dude.

      After using SYS2X6 for a while, the capture is really annoying..without using gscartsw the sync will drop a lot when capturing, and if you don’t have the namco I/o board, video quality can be a lot worse as well...

      My main question is I was wondering about optimal timings on ossc for SYS2X6. Especially since some games (bloody roar 3) use 480i; while games like capcom fighting jam and sc3, t5dr use 480p.

      I know system 2x6 is a ps2 system but it doesn’t necessarily mean fbx ossc profiles will work: was wondering if anyone has optimal ossc profile for the hardware.

      If anyone is wondering my current video chain is: has 3.1 > gscart 5.2 switch > ossc > hdmi splitter > 1 to game 1 to stream to feed video: but im still not pleased with how sc3ae looks on feed. Also, it’s in 31khz in rgbhv but rgbs works same

      As I mentioned before I have a namco I/o bird, I see why it’s so essential it basically cleans up crappy ps2 video.

      Kinda wish citrus3000psi would work on SYS2X6 hdmi out someday but a dude can dream.