Hi there all

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    • Hi there all

      Hi all,

      So, I'm on the hunt for a CPS3 motherboard with a SuperBios so I don't have to change the suicide batter every few years. The thing is I don't have anything to begin with. I asked the local arcades that were running up until a few years but it seems they don't have CPS3 boards anymore. One actually had two boards until recently, but since they both were dead already they tossed them to the garbage. Sadly, a true story. And I just recently knew that the CPS3 boards could be revived with the SuperBios.

      So I would appreciate if someone has one and we can negotiate something, because I'm looking forward to make an arcade machine. It will be used mostly for SFIII 3rd Strike. May be even only SFIII 3rd Strike and from time to time 2nd Impact. A friend of mine going by the name of ChaosControl and Mikazuki is actually a 2nd Impact beast and is in love with that game, so that would be a good option as well. If someone has the whole thing up and running or if someone can assist me with some tips I would really appreciate it. The arcade machine will be just for personal use and I plan to have gatherings with friends to play it a lot. Like every weekend xD.

      Thanks in advance for all your help!

      Greetings from Bulgaria!
    • I'm currently in negotiations for a CPS3 2nd Impact. Just the former local arcade owners are checking if they have it and probably until the end of the week I will know for sure if I'm getting the board locally or via the internet. If I get it locally then I will probably send it to get the superBios. The sad thing is that they told me not long ago they threw two CPS3 3rd Strike boards in the garbage because they were dead (the suicide battery). I'm crossing fingers for the 2nd Impact to be available and still working.