Custom JAMMA harnesses offered with ATX and fly leads.

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    • Custom JAMMA harnesses offered with ATX and fly leads.

      Hi, if anyone’s interested I’m looking at making harnesses with ATX connectors for easy disconnects. I’ve attached a photo for reference of a prototype cab I’m building. I got fed up with pulling off crimp tabs constantly as I’m in and out of it every five minutes. If anyone is interested then I’m happy to discuss it. I’m now going to make my own harnesses with ATX for deck removal and also short leash edge connector fly leads so you can leave one on your board permanently. The idea being so you can swap out boards without rubbing away the edge connector. They’ll probably be 12” long with a cover to finish them off nicely. All decent gauge wire and easy connectivity. Probably all 56 pins wired so you have all options. Lastly, as pictured a kick harness with ATX to enable you to leave that JST connector on the C board. If anyone’s interested please let me know. The key for me at least is a heavy duty harness that’s lets you change boards without wear and tear. I’m in the UK.
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    • UPDATE. I'm in the process of making what I'm calling Fly Leads for PCB's. Essentially a short lead that can stay on your JAMMA board long term so any connecting and disconnecting to a supergun or cab can be done at the other end, protecting your board from wear. I'll have a picture up next week when I've finished a few. All good quality connectors with covers and piggy back leads like kick harness's built in where necessary. I'm using better quality cable with a higher AWG than most harness's off ebay, plus a novel way to connect the fingerboard end without having to smear it afterwards with hot glue for strain relief.

      I've had nothing but trouble with the ATX connectors previously pictured. so whilst building up a new harness for my cab, I decided to go with D-Sub 15 pin connectors to allow me to remove the control panel. This has the added advantage of being able to use a NEO GEO control pad instead of the panel when setting things up internally. Cheers, Ben