Connect CPS2 into MVS-1 slot JAMMA

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    • Connect CPS2 into MVS-1 slot JAMMA


      I very recently just got my first Arcade cab (sega new astro city) and I'm slowly learning the ins-and-outs of it.

      The cab came wired up with Neo Geo MVS 1 slot board using JAMMA and it also came with a Pandora Box which I have swapped back and forth to test things out and all is working great.

      I now purchased a CPS2 X-Men vs SF board and I feel like I didn't do my homework before the purchase since I have been reading that, even though MVS and CPS2 are both JAMMA, they are not the same and I might kill a board by plugging it into the MVS JAMMA. Is that really the case? are this not compatible and is there a risk of damage?

    • Thanks for the quick replies!.

      It has 6 buttons per player but I see no kick harness, they are all coming from the jamma connector. The Pandora Box has no adaptor, I double checked, and I tested all buttons in the service menu of the pandora and they all work, no kick harness there either.

      Is that ok?
    • well 'officially' Jamma only support 3 buttons and some cabs 4, so what @thomas3184 is referring to is that usually you need a 'Chamma' (Chinese Jamma) adapter to get all 6 buttons on the Jamma connector.
      Looks like in your cab someone hard wired all 6 buttons to the Jamma, which is not an issue for any Jamma game that uses 3 buttons and also works perfect on MVS that uses 4 buttons on the Jamma edge.

      You will get into issues though connecting your CPS2, as that only does 3 buttons from the Jamma (well some games take up to 4), but the 4,5,6 button would be connected separate from the Jamma with a connector like this;

      So to rephrase, you can safely connect your CPS2 to your cab, but you WILL NOT have the ability to use all 6 buttons without the additional harness, so you would have to think something up to either splice the wires from the Jamma edge, or disconnect them from the Jamma edge, and wire into a CPS2 kick harness :)
    • You are correct, the the previous owner seems to have wired up all six buttons for both players to the jamma connector. It does work for the pandora box all 6 buttons, but I have not tested any 4-button neo geo game, I'm expecting the 4th button not to work.

      And what you explain makes perfect sense about the kick harness, I'll work on that next. I feel better now that I can plug the CPS2 and at least give it a try while I work on the kick harness.

      Thanks so much!
    • Hey guys, me again. So I talked to the the guy who sold me the CPS2 and he had the original harness laying around and he was kind enough to give it to me. I believe it comes with a kick harness I'm hoping I can reuse (once I figure out which end is which lol, looking to the pinout docs) but it also have what I believe is a JAMMA adaptor of sorts, could you help me identify it?

      I'll google more about the kick harness and see if I can make use of this one.

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    • BGS-006A with the cloth flag is an original Capcom part, so that's cool. That's the CPS2 "kick harness." It looks like that will let you take your 6 buttons wired for pandora's box and split it off onto a regular jamma + kick harness? but I could be wrong. Also looks like some wiring is disconnected so it might need a small repair? Best to just get all the pinouts for everything in front of you on the monitor and trace all the lines with a multimeter to be super sure everything's right.
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