Capcom Big Blue Restoration - My First Full Resto

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    • Capcom Big Blue Restoration - My First Full Resto

      Just completed my very first full arcade restoration. I'm very happy to have this big blue complete, and I learned a ton along the way. Thankfully many good people offered insight and advice to help me cross the finish line.

      Picked up this cab from SillyB on KLOV, it actually worked just needed a good restoration. He was instrumental in helping me correctly restore this back to it's original glory.

      Under the black was the original blue vinyl, so I was able to have a near identical almost indistinguishable match of paint created. Foam rolled it on and after several layers of paint and wet sanding in between, I finally got it looking as clean as smooth as possible.

      I'm definitely taking this experience and moving on to the next restoration with a lot more wisdom and hopefully less mistakes.
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    • More pictures of the resto
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      Capcom Big Blue (Gen 2) (Launchbox with only Capcom games)
      Namco cab (Namco System 246)
      Atomiswave (Ranger Mission)
      Atomiswave (Naomi 2 Multi)
      Area 51 (Dedicated)
      Sega Blast City
      NASCAR twin sitdowns (Xbox 360)
      Blue Chewlix (Launchbox and Steam)
      Red Chewlix (JVS set up)
      Sharpshooter (Dedicated)

      Korean Crowin 302 (empty) * Plastics and dual res chassis & tube available*