Sega System 16b Altered Beast repair help needed.

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    • Sega System 16b Altered Beast repair help needed.

      Hi all,

      I'm attempting a repair on a Sega System 16b Altered Beast PCB. I'm open to any suggestions and repair tips. I think that the board has 2 faults which maybe related. There is a screen of repeating garbage. The game sprites can be seen behind this. I think that the Blue is missing. I have the schematics. There is red data and green data making it though J11(74HC273). There seems to be data going into H9 and H10 (74ls245) H9 outputs seem quite low. This data bus attaches to J9,J10 TMM2115BP-10 SRAM. I have attached photos of the symptoms. Looking forward to some hints.
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