Weiya in egret3s question

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    • Weiya in egret3s question

      hi i have a sanwa tube In my windy2 with a rodo trisync . It looked great.

      Geometry was nice when the psu was working.

      Question on my weiya in my egret3. If I was to get it recapped and serviced would any geometry issues i have mostly be fixed.

      At the moment its bowing at the bottom and when certain colors flash like in the cps1 mvc demo it looks like the screen on left and right side bottom move in.
      My cabs: 2×Blast City/Egret 2/Egret 3/Windy 2/Crownin 203/ Tmnt/ Centipede upright+cocktail/ Space Invaders cocktail/Neogeo 4+6 slot BigRed/ Area51/ 2×mk3/ BigGuns Pinball/ Dkjr