High pitch music (Resolved)

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    • High pitch music (Resolved)


      I've just finished installing my CPS2, install went smoothly, replace the PAL F of my rev 4 board with a G, soldered everything, checked continuity of jumpers and pins with a multimeter... and everything work except audio which comes with a very high pitch variation. Very easy to observe in SFAlpha3 :


      I've tried with both the PAL F and G (with the correct pin raised and soldered on each) without success.

      Any idea where I could look for issues ? (specific sets of jumpers or pins I should double check ?)

      (The B-Board was a working JAP Vampire Savior 2, with InfiniKey, no sound issue, used on a JAP B Board with a CPS2 Digital AV)

      Thanks in advance
    • As a cautionary tale :

      even if there is no solder ball on the jumpers, even after cleaning carefuly with solder wick, TRIPLE CHECK ! there was tiny traces on 2 jumpers which kept them closed while I was sure they were open.

      Enjoy this noob mistake and tell your kids to know better.

      Can be closed...