Nanao MS9 Repair (busted sync)

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    • Nanao MS9 Repair (busted sync)

      A few weeks ago, I started a thread about my Nanao MS9 from my astro having the image cut in half, due to busted sync. First I just tried a recap, but that did not help.

      twistedsymphony pointed out that it's likely one of the vertical deflection ICs. Some more research showed that it was likely the LA7837.

      Once chip arrived, repair took 2-3 hours total.

      Monitor ripped out:

      Unplugged everything, moved chassi to workbench. Got replacement IC.

      Previous owner had glued a wire fix right over the bottom of the IC. Rude!
      Managed to get most of it away with some pliers.

      Desoldered the IC with solder wick + a lot of flux. Got it out really clean!

      Soldered new IC into place.

      Put it back together and Boom! Perfect sync again.

      Everything looks amazing again! The recap that I did prior to the proper repair made the monitor look a lot nicer than it did prior to it breaking down :)

      Now I'm happy, and can play some games again.