What can i do with 4x Taito Type X2 systems for 2x battle gear 4 cabs & 1 double max tune 2 cab

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    • What can i do with 4x Taito Type X2 systems for 2x battle gear 4 cabs & 1 double max tune 2 cab

      Hey i recently purchased 2x battle gear 4 cabs
      It came with 4x Taito Types systems with 4x battle gear 4 hard drive. I was told by the seller i needed some usb or key code to get them started.

      I also have a double Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 cab with all the controls, but no motherboard. I was going to use it for mame or tecknoparrot by using a A-pac controller n some pc's.

      I didn't release the ttx2 systems can be used with multi games and emulator programs, so just looking for some friendly advice on maybe the best in easyist way to get the cabinets up and going.

      Many thanks in advance
    • It's possible to run Taito Type X systems without a dongle but it's a very detailed explanation: arcade-projects.com/forums/ind…e-taito-typex2-multigame/. I suggest someone else explain this here a bit better and not too long. Also, Battle Gear 4 originally released as a Taito Type X+ but may be able to run on X2. My last suggestion would be upgrade both of them to the "Tuned" version of this game.

      Although I would normally suggest to restore this cab, finding two Chihiro motherboards and working card readers costs more than its worth. The PC method for both Maximum Tune cabinets is an interesting approach but I sadly don't know how to set that up (also, what the heck is a pac controller?). The method for linking some PC arcade games (freaking Raw Thrills) isn't fully explained yet despite the fact users have said they had success. Give a freaking explanation for crying out loud.
    • Thanks for the reply bud... I have received some very helpfull info on the battle gear 4 cabs , going to 100% restore them to the tuned or original. was just wondering would any different Taito Type X+ games be compatible with this cab, would be handy to use them as a multi cab.

      I was told 2x A-pac controllers is needed to use the steering wheels, pedals and shifter off my max tune 2 cab with a pc for emulators.. i was wondering is there any way around this method or can my remaining Taito Type X+ system be used in this cabs or some sort of easy method to get the cab up n running.
    • Yeah bud thats the one.. For one half of the cab (steering wheel, pedals n shifter) = 3 pots, so i need one for each side. But rewiring them looks a right pain in the ass, the cab is perfect apart from the missing motherboard,i would hate to make a balls of it if there was an easier way for connecting the controllers. its a really nice cab was hoping to use it with techno parrot for max tune 5 or initial D 8,or even if there was some way in connecting the ttx systems up with it as i have 2 spare.