Wei-ya 2228h no power

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    • Wei-ya 2228h no power

      Hi my friends,

      I was trying to adjust this chassis in astro city cab, and was working uncomfortable without space. While i thought i was dialing the v.lin pot i was cranking the VR pot ( Voltage regulator? B+ adj? ) and .......does not power anymore.
      The chassis beeps intermittent, i think the proctection circuit is doing its job.
      Hey, can anyone give advice on this? i haven´t been able to find Wei-ya 2228h diagram at all.
      What should i be looking to fix or replace? the HOT or other transistors, capacitors?
      i attach pics for reference, i would appreciate any help! :)
      I know it´s not a premium chassis maybe for the trouble but the only one i have right now!
      Maybe master @nem could guide for simple steps?

      Here you can see pot (vr101)

      <3 [snes]

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    • I would start by checking the HOT. Set your multimeter to continuity and probe the outer and center leg, if you get a dead short, it'll be blown. The HOT is one of the large transistors that is screwed down to the heatsink. If you don't want to look up part numbers or a follow traces from the flyback, just probe them all.