Securing a Jamma box - also, 40mm joystick washers?

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    • Securing a Jamma box - also, 40mm joystick washers?

      I've got a wooden table that's basically an arcade joystick and a Jamma harness. Right now, I've got a Pandora's box in there, attached to the side of the table. But while there are screw holes in the front, there are no screw holes in the back. Right now the back is secured with sticky pads, but is there a metal bar or something I can buy to hold it against the wood?

      Also, I'm after some 40MM+ joystick dust washers but I don't know where sells them - 38mm leaves a bit of a gap when the joystick moves. I got one with a joystick I bought a while back but I'm not sure where sells them commercially. Does anyone if they are available online? All I've found is 38mm ones.

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