Sega Ringedge 2 questions on obtaining systems, disks, etc.

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    • I often feel like that but then I usually change mt mind once I see the price of recent PC based arcades.

      Home arcades is just not a good hobby for people without enough time to spend on it. In my experience, nothing is ever quick or easy. The time needed seems to go up exponentially when I use real hardware. You have to really love the project as much as the games.
    • Teknoparrot used to support JVS, but doesn't in any of the newer versions so no easy plug and play solution.

      My software can be used to support JVS I/O cards for any games (so mame) in Linux, but won't work for Windows so unforunately no Tecknoparrot.
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    • I guess it's only really an issue for the force feedback. Other analog and digital controls are easy to connect to a PC using Apacs and UHIDs etc.

      Some of the guys on the arcade controls forum are into driving original ffb controllers via mame hooker but it sounds like they need programming skills for a lot of what they do.

      I'm personally OK with using a decent Logitech ffb race wheel. I don't find a need for overly strong motors on a steering wheel. Most real cars use power steering and you'd ask for a refund if the wheel started violently swinging left and right every time you went over a bump...