Got my Vewlix L! Next Steps for Mame?

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    • Got my Vewlix L! Next Steps for Mame?

      With much help from everyone here, I picked up an L from KC. I could use some help putting a shopping cart together.

      My plans:

      Run MAME (I'm using my old PC) and maybe maybe maybe run a PS4/PS3.
      Purchase 2P Panel
      Replace monitor (once the bracket is made and available for purchase)
      Do I need a stepdown transformer?

      I don't know where to purchase the 2P panel from, and I need to buy a PCB (or multiple) to connect the two sticks to the PC via USB. There's the Zero Delay USB encoder (I need two?) and also the Brook board (I just need one?). I'm also looking at the Ultimarc servo sticks to support the 4-way occasionally since I know people will be doing Pac-Man.

      FocusAttack seems to have most of what I need?

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    • Congrats!

      You don’t need a step down transformer.

      If it has the jvs io I would say get a jvspac2 which would make it super easy to hook up controls.

      Since you are going with 2p panel then I would just do a full replacement harness, bypassing all the connectors taito uses. So straight from you joysticks/buttons to maybe to whatever interface board you are going to use.

      Narrow down exactly what you want to use in it first, mame pc/ps4, etc..

      Found: Garegga, Bakraid, Gunnail, Hyper Duel
      Wanted: PCBs - Batsugun, Rapid Hero, Air Gallet Arts/Pop/Manuals - Garegga, Bakraid
      Vewlix CP Shipping Brackets (2x red sets preferred)
    • Woo! Thanks again for your help.

      I don't have the JVS IO; I told KC I wasn't going to need it so he took it out and I saved the $. I don't have the 2P panel yet (I could use a link on where to buy one, or schematics to have one made).

      I'm not going to put my current PC's guts in the cab until I build my new PC, so I'd like to maybe use a PS4 in the meantime until I do that. It seems like the Brook board is a bit more console compatible than the Zero Delay boards. I will be degunking this cab for a few more weeks (at least..boy it was dirty!) so not super critical that it's playable soon.
    • I dunno what it will take to mount those joysticks, never tried them, no idea what size that plate is. But I doubt they're JLF mount compatible, and that's what any 2 player panel you find is gonna have. Honestly these cabs aren't great MAME cabs, they're meant for Japanese controls, and they don't mix well with classic games.

      If you really want them you'll need to do some experimenting.

      If you want max compatibility with PS4 and PC then yes, Brook is what you want. You can skip the universal boards and just get the PS4/PC fighting board for cheaper.…3-ps4-fighting-board-plus

      No reason to order from Focus Attack in SoCal, ArcadeShock will be faster, and fastest yet is just drive to them and pick up, if you're close enough.