Blind Blast City - MS-2931

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    • Blind Blast City - MS-2931

      It looks like I am going to have to get my Blast City serviced. Just want to share everything I've tried, ask for recommendations, and get some feedback on where to send the chassis (unless it sounds like something else).

      1) The blast city was working just fine two weeks ago with no issues. Image was bright, no flickering, no odd sounds booting up, and worked with 15 and 31 signals when it last had an image. This is the autosync ms-2931.
      2) When I boot it up I do hear the power supply fan, the marque lights turn on, I do get sound to the speakers, I can control my game, and I was able to use the credit button. I am using a j-pac and groovymame setup though but I did test with my neogeo mvs with darksoft kit and everything stayed the same. Just blind gameplay but everything but monitor works.
      3) I unplugged the power cord for 30 seconds and tested but no luck
      4) I tried turning off the power switch on the power supply for 30 seconds and tested but no luck
      5) I checked the door switch and the zip tie was still secure. I even got a flat head out, pressed the button in a little more, and tried turning it on but no luck
      6) When the cab is on I don't get anything on the screen when touching the osd buttons
      7) When I am turning it on I get no buzz, pop, static, or flicker from the monitor. I even touched the glass of the monitor and there is definitely none of the usual static

      I haven't checked fuses or popped open the back yet on this issue. I'm a crt newbie and I've only owned this KC cab for a 4-5 months. I did have to touch the power supply early on since the fan was dying. I replaced the fan and while I was in there I did visually inspect the caps for mushrooms and leaking. Besides for being dust rabbit city it looked ok. I haven't really moved the cab and I've probably played it off and on every weekend for 3 months since I did the fan change. I have my doubts it is the power supply since the built in speakers work, it can power a darksoft mvs kit, controls work, and lights work. I'm definitely leaning towards a chassis issue.

      What should I do now? Think I go straight for a recap and send it out?
      I don't have a ton of info on how to test for HOT or flyback issues but is there anything I should rule out there before sending it for repair?
      Should I test the voltage going to the monitor? (If so where is the cable)
      Any recommendations on who I should send my chassis to if it needs repairs?
      I haven't checked for tube glow yet but I tried to look up the side while testing the door switch and I couldn't detect any light inside the cab at that level.
      As far as tube goes it does have some minor screen burn and I did open the back twice to add some convergence strips. I couldn't see any black goo while I was adding convergence strips a few months ago but they may have been some behind the heatsinc.

      I watched arcade tips youtube video on troubleshooting a playing blind arcade cabinet. I've been trying to google this issue and I've found a few articles on similar issues but haven't found a ton of info on how to test on this cabinet or solutions since many of the posts were 10 years old and they just swapped monitors or chassis. Thanks for the help. Let me know if you have questions.
    • Check the fuses first. There are two. Just unplug the cab, and pull each out with your fingers. If they're good, put them back, if they're bad, replace them with the same thing.

      If they were good, take the rear panel off, and listen from there, when you plug it in see if you hear a click, waits a few seconds, and clicks again. If so, one of the protection circuits is tripping (there are 3).

      There's a somewhat useful trouble-shooting flowchart in the manual here:…1_Service-manual_full.pdf
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