Turtles in Time - 4P no start button

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    • Turtles in Time - 4P no start button

      I finally have something to run a 4-player setup and plugged in Turtles in Time as it's my only 4-player board I currently have. Everything looked great in the IO Test mode except the start button on 4P. I went as far as removing the kick harness I was using for 4P and used a wire to jump pin 10 > pin 15 to test if start would be recognized and got nothing. Looking under the board the solder joints on the kick harness connectors look fine. Should I re-flow the solder anyway to see if it changes anything?

      Any suggestions to get 4P up and running would be greatly appreciated!
    • Yeah I'd reflow the solder anyway. I've seen cracked joints that visibly were almost impossible to tell were cracked at all. Good to rule out the easiest items first.

      Have you used a multimeter to make sure you have continuity from the edge the appropriate area of the board that is using the 4P start signal? Could be a damaged trace somewhere down the line that you could just jump by scraping back the solder mask and repairing.

      Short of that I'd check with a multimeter around the chips to make sure nothing is incorrectly shorted to ground, if everything else tested fine.

      Sucks its start and not coin. Can't use the old free play bypass