Hello from Colorado :)

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    • Hello from Colorado :)

      Hi, I'm nathan and I live in Denver. I just recently got into a arcade stuff last year after finally biting the bullet on some broken cabs on craigslist. I only have have one completed restoration project and 3 or so in flight. I came here from reddit, but mostly I hang out on KLOV.

      Capcom CPS2 NightWarriors - DarkStalkers Revenge I had to rehabilitate from the ground up. Completely new CRT/Chassis, infinikey, Switch, marquee light, speakers(it was wrecked). I'm slowly convincing myself to go Darksoft on it as my next upgrade.
      MVS slot 4 Big Red - New 4 slot, new Marquee LED, Chassis recap, Darksoft MVS cart. I have a bad MV-LED(coin counter) and the P2 coin acceptor is missing parts I need to replace.

      Projects in flight
      Virtua Fighter 1 - Needs a new CRT. I'm upgrading it to a 27". Sound died on me.
      Virtua Fighter 3 - This was a cabinet with a missing CRT I originally converted to Mame with a LCD but have since started restoring it back to its original form, but it retain a switch to Arpicade.

      The reason I just arcade-projects is that I'm looking for a gentlemen on here so supposed sells Vewlix or chewlix cabinets here in the US. If anyone knows who I'm talking about it would be awesome if you could direct me to him. Aside from that I'm doing a lot of darksoft stuff so...