Hello everyone

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    • Hello everyone

      New member here wanted to introduce myself,

      Tracked this site down due to looking up some Naomi questions online and all directions pointed me here. Used to own a few candy cabinets, Neo Candy 29, Aero City, sold those along time ago, recently got a Sega Lindbergh cabinet with a naomi setup in it. Just for mvc2. :thumbup:

      Also I make some custom joysticks from time to time, and also built a few arcades here and there. Anyways that is pretty much it for me. Game on.

    • Hey everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome, much appreciated. Here is a few pictures of the joysticks I been working on I have about 11 made so far, but these pictures are a bit old, some are just regular wood burning, some have glow epoxy, and some are wood burn/ painted all with a gloss finish. All joysticks are carved out of a single block of wood, some are black walnut, some are american cherry and I have done 1 out of wengi. The bottoms are custom shaped tool less entry, plexi, and I also included a side by side up against a Madcatz TE for size reference. The sticks I make are about the same size width X depth, but thickness wise mine are about half as thick, but about 30% more weight. Might sell some in the future, but I didn't want to do the ebay market, kinda been taking my time with them, building up a nice collection. I will post more pics after I get some better ones with the wife's phone lol. Thanks for your time and the warm welcome this site is amazing. The glow epoxy is pretty neat, you can get it in a lot of different colors, and it glows so bright that you can even see it inside in a lit room as you can see in the picture, also you get a few hours of glow time for about 30 minutes of light exposure. Pretty cool stuff.
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    • Found 3 pics, also working on an Ironman one atm, and a few others. Just need to get more time :D Feel free to tell me what you don't like or do like about them, open to all comments.

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