Pandora "3D games" games database?

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    • Pandora "3D games" games database?

      A colleague asked me about adding games to a Pandora "3D games" box, no idea if it is "original" or a "clone" ( they are pretty much all an ARM SoC running the same emulators). It has the name "AUS" molded into the case. The manual mentions a hardcoded games database "2D_game_list_v0.1.xlsx" to detect emulated games, but the only hit for that name seems to be a Korean blog. (And I guess this message in the future...)
      I cracked it open and had a look at the SD-card, but that just seems to use encrypted sqlite databases, so maybe the xlsx is just a dump of that database and not really required. Can anyone point me into the right direction for more information?

      Motherboard is labelled SG.GME.AMG.R1.8, and it looks similar to many of the other boards.

      I am tempted to try, but I don't have a suitable SD-card right now ...

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    • I just got myself one of these but it's very different. It's got a H3 quadcore and 1gb ram, they sent me a retropie image along with it.

      Problem is the cga signal is bad on both my ms9 and pfx and the vga is not detected on the PFX. I spent quite some time hacking these along with "RedboX" on J+ forums and now these boards finally have enough power to run UMK3 and such but the video output is bad.
      Works fine on hdmi though. I need to dump my card(s) as mine boot from internal sd and don't need USB bull :)
      If you want to support me, sign up for Dropbox by using This gets you and me an extra 500MB for hosting roms, or other arcade related files :)