Hello everybody!

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    • Hello everybody!

      Hello everyone!

      My name is Jordi, I'm from Barcelona, Spain.
      I've been around arcade pcb's for some time now, but as life goes by, interests change, and you left some hobbies left for a while.
      Now, thanks to a friend, I've returned to this amazing world.
      My main system now it's a Sega Naomi 1 motherboard, and I'm learning to make it work with a minimal system, as i can't afford a full cabinet now.
      I started experimenting with Arduino Nano and the JVS I/O standard, and with the help of a nice guy in Japan Toyoshim, I've managed to play doubles on the Naomi, with SNES controllers.
      I've just received a Dreamcast wheel that I'll try to adapt to play Craxy Taxi and others.
      But that will be next, right now I'm struggling to read and write the TOSHIBA TMP90PH44N so I could repair the first Sega I/O that I got, that I burned as mixed 12v/5v
      i have to ask Darksoft about it.
      I think the firmware I have on my working I/O is not on the ones he read.

      Also I have another open front with a Naomi that the video output is wrong, and shows it in slow motion.
      Amd the Ram test fails and gets stuck, so I have to power it down.

      Well, on other side of things, I'm an Atari fan, mainly 16/32 bits systems, but that's another history...

      Thanks for let me in!

      Best regards,
      Jordi aka crashman
    • crashman wrote:

      Amd the Ram test fails and gets stuck, so I have to power it down.
      If RAM fails, then most probably the ram is bad. Should be an easy change as the RAM is installed on SIMMs, not soldered on the DIMM.
      * Arcade-projects, the site where you get the most of your arcade games.
      * If you want Drama go to Neo-Geo forum ---Darksoft