MS9-29 Astro issues

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    • MS9-29 Astro issues

      Guys hopefully my thread doesn't derail and gets deleted again. Had a friend's monitor acting weird and screen smear and sync issues. After opening and recapping I noticed tons of electrolytic leakage and as I was cleaning solder mask was coming off all over. There was also a few pads missing and a patch job on the la7853. Used a working chassis to verify that the patch job on the missing pads was correct. The monitor was the same way after all this. I decided to replace the la7853 thinking it a fake but no dice. I ended up having the customer get another chassis and I replaced it and all is well. I hope to take my time with the chassis and hopefully find whatever trace is broken on it. I will include a link to both chassis and a video of the fault on the old chassis and hope someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.
      Replacement chassis
      Chassis swap on astro
      Old chassis