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    • Thanks for the kind words guys.

      A little update on the foot rests.

      Here is one of my butt ugly footrests to reference the color, rib width and treads on the Aero.

      My son saw them in my truck, held them up and said: "What are these dad? Eww their gross looking.." so it's a verified problem.

      Originally I was going to find something close and cut it to size. I found a wide ribbed material but they didn't stock it in grey so I ordered a pt. of rubber Marine paint in a light gray.

      The more I thought about it. The more it bugged me the decision I made.


      I got ahold of a rubber flooring manufacturer in Shenzen and gave him exact dimensions of rib and tread width and come up with this:

      This Color:

      This Style with custom rib and tread width:

      His min order qty was 150cm x 2 km and only wanted to mail a swatch... Unghh

      I told him I would pay for airmail and wanted a larger size and convinced him to do a 150cm x 2M run and airmail it.

      He agreed and a close to 1:1 is on its way from china!

      I am going to to take them to my stickers guy and use his print cutter to cut to exact sizes.

      I have enough for x51 Repro Aero foot rests panels which I will hook up APeople with.

      The rest will be sold on ebay to help recoup my repair costs.

      What do you think?

      Edit: changed first page of my thread to an Aero City foot rest interest.

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    • New

      I cleaned the glass and the bezels were missing black in a lot of areas.

      They used a black grime grease to fill in the missing spots and leaves behind a smokestack on your hands when you touch it.

      I was going to take a razor and scrape the bezel line to the interior shape and use gloss black to fill in the missing pieces. I was worried my brush strokes would show through the glass and abandoned the idea.

      Instead I called Carlos from "Stickers for Days" and he is having decal bezel ordered and will be transferring with "gloss black adhesive".

      He insisted it would look perfect and I believe him. He quoted me at $30 per panel for new Bezels.

      On a side note. My monitors all seem to make a click noise which shows up as a flicker of video every 8 or so seconds.

      I stuck my ear next to the yoke and traced the noise to inside the flyback transformer.

      My test setup PSU is grounded but the grounding cables are not and I'm not using the 100v step down converter because the converter is not grounded and I haven't robbed my plug ends to ground it internally.

      Do you think the noise would be caused by a ground issue?

      On both my monitors I use for testing I tested volts at 5.06 on 1 and 5.16 on the other. The voltage screws were inside the case so I shrugged it off for the time being but fixing that clicking issue will make me feel more comfortable hooking up my expensive PCB's.