Candy Cabs Aero City Glass Screen Covers and Bezels Hoagtech's PLOG.

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    • Thanks @hoagtech!

      Yeah, I certainly don't want to hold anyone up...and will honestly, probably be buying two for myself, so that if the process messes up the first time, I have options....and if it goes perfect the first time, I can use the 2nd one on the old glass, to take the photos of how it should be applied.

      From what they've said, it will most likely be a wet application, and then need to be squeegeed out, to clear the liquid, and set the adhesive. This tends to cause issues, because you can lay everything out perfectly, and then lose it as you push the windex, or soapy water, or whatever you are using out....either that, or you don't get quite enough water in the setup, and watch something catch or tear when you pull it to adjust. The shop managed to do a bang-on job with it though, as Hoagtech's pictures have shown.

      No method is fool-proof, but I will do my best to document everything as I go, and let everyone know if I think it's viable for folks who've never done this kind of work before. Most of us are reasonably nimble handed, given the tech skills we need to keep our games running....but experience is definitely a huge plus on this kinda thing, and I've done enough of it for a living, to have learned a trick or two. I promise, as soon as I can get out from lockdowns, and get funds moving cleanly, I'll start in on the ordering, and get info to everyone, as soon as I can.