CPS2 Supergun Video loss issue

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    • Jimd0585 wrote:

      Hi all. I’m new to arcades. I bought a super gun on AliExpress. Yes I know some people say they are junk, but I have their NeoGeo box and it works great. So I took the plunge, bought their Jamma Cbox and a CPS 2 A and B board set.

      I have the super gun connected via component to a Retrotink which converts it to HD, then to a scan line generator and into my HD tv. It works fine, Sound and controls work. I even got the kick harness working. However, occasionally my tv will lose a signal for a few seconds. When the picture and sound comes back the game is still going. So the board isn’t resetting.

      Is this a board issue? A Cbox issue? A power issue? Any idea what the culprit may be?

      I’ll add that I removed the retotink and plugged component directly into the tv. The picture looks terrible, but I didn’t notice any loss of picture unless I moved the dials on the Cbox adjusting the picture. Is it there isn’t enough voltage running to the CPS2 and into the tink?


      Hey, I'm looking at picking up one of these CBOX superguns also for use with CPS2. How did you get the kick harness working? What is required?