How to Properly Clean a Jamma Cable & Connectors?

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    • FluxChiller wrote:

      Just got in an order from yaton on ebay with a used astro city jamma harness and related cables. As expected they are filthy dirty. Was wondering what the safest, but effective way to clean these cables/connectors would be? Thank you!
      91% (99% if you can find it) isopropyl alcohol. For the harness itself, you can cut an old t-shirt, preferably white, and put any flat card (credit card, library card, whatever) inside of it. Hit it with the hooch and slide the shirt into the female end of the harness to clean all the pins. You'd be surprised just how much junk will come out of it.

      For the actual wire runs themselves, just alcohol and a rag. Run the rag down the length of each wire. Don't pull, just glide.

      That should clean it up nicely. The alcohol evaporates so quickly you won't need to wait more than a minute tops before plugging it back in. Just make sure you use 91% +, as anything less has a longer evaporation time