Attenuation questions for CMVS and supergun (for RGB output and cabling)

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    • Attenuation questions for CMVS and supergun (for RGB output and cabling)

      Hi - I've been reading various threads on the dangers of not attenuating RGB output from PCBs and the Neo Geo. It's not something i gave much thought to but in retrospect perhaps i should, and maybe others haven't too.

      I have a JNX CMVS and Raijin/Hakuryu supergun, (both of which are fantastic!).

      I run my CMVS into a BVM monitor (via BNC cables) and the supergun into a Framemeister and OSSC. The BNC cable does not have any resistors or capacitors (not attenuated) but the BVM seems fine with it.

      Hopefully someone can tell me whether:
      (1) I need capacitors and resistors for these two machines on the cables/connectors or whether they are unnecessary?

      (2) If so, what is recommended and where is the best place to buy them.

      (3) Can BVMs generally cope with strong signals or as a matter of course things going into them should be attenuated?

    • The Framemeister and OSSC won't like TTL 5V signals over time. I've heard the OSSC just straight up dying due to it, and the Framemeister may have time over issues.

      I think the JNX CMVS should have the correct resistors installed to conform the signals to the correct voltage? I feel like I read that he was handling this correctly when he was building them.

      Unsure of the Raijin. I'd google it

      If you do need to bring the voltages down to 75 Ohm, a 470 Ohm resistor inline on your cable would do the trick

      PVM / BVM should be fine with TTL if you are going supergun to tv, with no upscaler. Both my PVM's handle TTL perfectly fine. So I don't know what model you have, but my guess would be you are fine. Still, research the model number to confirm