NEO GEO Pocket Backlight installation

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    • It has a piece of paper that covers an adhesive section. Remove the paper to reveal the adhesive and simply adhere this to the inner-top of the shell.

      Seal up the unit and tap on that section of the shell to increase/decrease the brightness. It is a very nice feature.

      Here is a demonstration of how it is placed. Not my video but I have done the same procedure on my NGPC and couldn't be happier.
    • I got around to finishing the backlight.

      I applied it to the upper shell and it bugged me. Every time I would re adjust my grip, it would go to the lowest brightness setting.

      I left it hanging at the highest brightness setting instead.

      I made a bezel out of black construction paper but it was too thick and would make the gap between the screen and the glass (I bought a glass replacement screen) bigger and noticeable. Also I had to make many bezels because the screen is not centered vertically and there is a silver edge around the black perimeter that is about a half mm thick and covering the perimeter would look like shit.

      I decided clear pocket, clear guts and centered the LCD and taped it against the glass.

      The picture is much better


      Metal Slug

      Before and after comparisons with Dark Arms (One of my faves)
      I never knew SNK made 2 different sized NGPC's until I put them side by side.



      Side by side