Using Raw Thrills monitor gun sense boards with Sega gun I/O?

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    • Zebra wrote:

      Is there anything else I need to buy to make this work?
      Assuming you have a +12V power source to run it all That should be all you need hardware wise.

      having done this myself I will say that getting analog controls to work for guns directly in MAME sucks, you should look for a piece of software that can take the analog input and convert it into mouse position, with calibration. I've heard GlovePie does this but I've never tried.
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    • I already use analog guns with mame and they work very well once they have been calibrated in Windows. I've never had much luck getting any sort of accuracy with light guns or IR guns that act as a mouse. Either way, if they don't provide accurate positional data when used as analog devices, they won't be any more accurate as a mouse... Windows offers no calibration options for a mouse.

      I only plan to use these Sega guns for games that used them in the arcade like house of the dead 4. I have light guns for light gun games and positional guns for arcades with fixed guns.

      If the Sega guns don't work well in Windows for IR gun arcade games then I'll just sell them and put it down as a learning experience.