PC steering wheel and flight stick compatibility with S-JIHP

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    • PC steering wheel and flight stick compatibility with S-JIHP

      To follow-up on the previous post regarding the Aimtrak and compatibility with the S-JIHP - I don't believe it is possible, but it would be a great addition if it would somehow allow it to be used for Sega gun games. I don't think the S-JIHP will handle digital inputs. There has been options presented by a forum member that would allow USB devices to be used with JVS devices - not sure if many have been able to get this workin or not. I have intended to, but haven't had the time yet.

      My main question and something I have hoped for an option is the ability to use the stated compatible PC steering wheels and flight stick with a custom "adapter" that is more plug and play with the S-JIHP (DB25). I know you also have to modify the device - is anyone willing to modify them for a price for those that are not as good as such things? Would love to see a modded version of the steering wheels and flight sticks available and a custom plug-in to allow a reliable and proven peripheral option with the S-JIHP. It is a great and flexible device and it works great with the Operation Thunderbolt guns - just waiting for an easier option regarding the wheels and flight stick as my attempts at modding have not worked well in the past.
      If anyone is willing to do a mod and adapter, please let me know as I would be very interested.
    • Hi, regarding the wheels, I posted in the other thread about the Dreamcast wheel after seeing the example someone else had posted - it's really very easy to modify without any soldering needed - I used a breakout board.
      It's easy to take apart, everything is accessible and there is loads of space to work with.

      And don't worry about mistakes, I initially wired it completely wrong as I lazily followed the wire colours from the guide for HKT-7400, not realising they are different on HKT-7430. I had the 5v going to the wrong place, ground also - but when I figured it all out after taking the wheel apart and wiring it correctly it still works absolutely fine.