My quest to a light up marquee

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    • My quest to a light up marquee

      After putting in a NeoGeo led marquee kit in my blast, I was told that it got more play. I asked him how he made the panel and he told me to look up edge lighting. I had a small piece of acrylic and decided to prototype. It work well but was time consuming. I had some old led panel light from a job we demo and I bought from my boss. I cut it to a E2 marquee. I originally use a box cutter to scor and snap to size. I would highly recommend a plexiglas cutter. I bought 1 after I cut the main piece. I have to find someone with a table saw. The NNC marquee was just the off cut and use the original light and is not optimal position and therefore not as bright.

      $25.00 - 2x2 led light. This got me the panel, 5000k led strip, led driver
      $16.80 - plexiglas cutter

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    • The marquee are just laser printed. I will be placing an order soon so they will look better back lit and fill up the actual holder size. There is just 2 22 awg wire that go to the back panel where the driver sit. I will be getting the remaining lights and make some for the other candies.
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    • I just have it taped to the bottom of the plastic (the blue tape). On my next one I will add a piece of aluminum u channel to hold and dissipate some of the heat like I did the sides. Below is a picture of my test piece lit up
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